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Visitors to the Library

Visitors to the Library

Alumni consist of just one portion of library visitors.

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RRLC Cards Welcome

RRLC Card holders are welcome here but remember you must sign up at your home institution first! Check the guidelines at RRLC's website.

The library at Nazareth College allows the public in-library use of most collections and services. If you wish to borrow materials, you may be eligible based on your status or by paying a five dollar fee for a community resident card.

Visitors to the library fall into several categories and generally have the same privileges, with a few exceptions listed below. All general library policies apply, please see the Library Services page for more information.

Item Type Loan Period  Maximum Checkout Fines
Books 4 Weeks 15 total  .05/day
Reserves In library use only
DVDs In library use only
CDs In library use only
VHS In library use only
NazFlix In library use only

McNaughtons 4 Weeks


Library Policies for Visitors

Computer usage

Visitors to the college may sign up to use the computers in the library, and most are limited to five usages per semester.

Database usage

Database usage is restricted to faculty, staff and current students. You may be able to find free, alternative sites that are available to the public or through your public library.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan is only available to faculty, staff and current students. You may be able to use the services through your school or public library.

Online search requests

Librarian-mediated online searches are available for a cost of ten dollars per search, plus all direct costs assessed by the online service provider. Please see a reference librarian for more information.

Community Resident Card

If you are a community member who wishes to be able to borrow materials from the library, you can sign up for the Community Resident Card at the Main Circulation desk. There is a ten dollar fee associated with the card and it is valid for one year.

RRLC Card Holders

In order to use an RRLC card at Nazareth, you must first sign up at your home institution. For more information, please see the Rochester Regional Library Council's webpage.

SJFC and Empire State Students and SJFC Staff

If you wish to borrow materials, you will need to bring your current St. John Fisher or Empire State student ID card to the Main Circulation Desk first and receive a barcode.

St. John Fisher Staff are eligible to borrow up to 4 multimedia items at one time, in addition to 15 books.


Welcome back! If you have received a degree from Nazareth, you qualify for alumni privileges. You can either get your alumni card from the Office of Alumni Relations or from the library circulation desk. Make sure you get a barcode from the circulation desk so that you can borrow materials.

Alumni have access to our databases, on-campus only and are not restricted to five usages per semester.

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