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Studying in the Atrium

Studying in the Atrium

There are a variety of study spaces in the library, including the 24-hour Atrium, pictured above.

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A current student is anyone who is enrolled at the college for at least one undergraduate or graduate class. We offer a wide variety of services from study spaces to material acquisition.

All general library policies apply, please see the Library Services page for more information.

Item Type Loan Period Maximum Checkout  Fines/Per day
 Books 4 Weeks  50 total items  .05/day
Reserves 2 hour
In library
use only
 2 Reserves at a time  
DVDs 2 Week  10 total media items  
CDs 2 Week  
VHS 2 Week    
NazFlix 2 Week 4 total Nazflix  1.00/day
McNaughtons 4 Weeks    .05/day



Study Spaces

There are a variety of study spaces in the library, depending on your preferences.

I prefer to be alone/in total silence

  • The mezzanine has individual study carrels.
  • The main level, off in the book stacks near the 500s.
  • The lower level, open journal stacks has a few study carrels (These are EXTREMELY quiet)
  • Small group study rooms in the lower level can be an option as well.

I don't mind being near others but I like private space

  • Near reference, there are study carrels and large tables.
  • The Rare Book Room or the Merton Room.
  • The Tutoring area in the lower level, (when not in use for tutoring) has private desks.

I prefer to share tables with others

  • Near reference, there are a variety of large tables.
  • In the Reading Room, below the St. Jerome window, there are a variety of large tables.
  • In the lower level near Interlibrary Loan and the Lab, there are large tables and the tutoring center.
  • The Rare Book Room and the Merton Room both have tables.

I need a loud, social space

  • The 24-hour Atrium is great for socializing and boisterous group work.
  • Group study rooms are available on the lower level, on a first come first serve basis.
  • The browsing lounge next to circulation has couches and chairs, and a relaxed atmosphere.


The Nazareth Nazflix collection contains new and classic movies that are available for checkout. It is possible to search the collection or browse all Nazflix.


Students can borrow books directly from other participating libraries in the Rochester area through the Rochester Regional Library Council's RRLC card program. With this program, you sign up for an RRLC card at the main circulation desk, and then use that card to check out books directly from participating libraries. This is distinct from the Interlibrary Loan program, which brings books from other libraries directly to Nazareth for your convenience.

Adaptive Technology Equipment

Adaptive (or, assistive) hardware and software can facilitate computer access for people with disabilities.

The following adaptive technology equipment is available through the Technology and Media Services Desk:

  • PC workstations with voice recognition and output, screen magnification, specialized software providing writing and spelling assistance tools, scanning and printing.
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) magnification system.
  • Variable-speed and four-track cassette players.
  • Magnifier lamp on a moveable stand.
  • Closed captioning decoder.
  • FM hearing assistance system.
  • Recorders

There is also a variety of assistive software that is constantly evolving. For more information, please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities.

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