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Books and Media

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Finding items at Naz

When you search our catalog, pay particular attention to the item location. If it isn't in the main stacks, it may be in any one of our special collections. When in doubt, contact the Circulation Desk and we will help you locate the item!

Books and Media

There are many options when searching for books and media, depending on how wide you'd like to cast your net and how much time you have.  If you are in a hurry, search only our catalog.  If you have time to wait for books to arrive from other libraries, try some of the other catalogs and use Interlibrary Loan, which will deliver resources from other libraries to you at Nazareth.

Course Reserves

These items are put onto reserve by professors because these books and media items are of particular importance to the class. You can search by class number or Professor's name. The items may be physical or electronic, and books and other materials are housed at the main circulation desk.  Items are available for two-hours, in library use only.

Nazareth's Catalog

Search Nazareth Library's online catalog for books, e-books, videos, and other materials. Remember to use the advanced search features, to help narrow down the type of material, year or search

Union Catalog

In addition to searching our own library, Union catalog will search IDS Project's 50 New York libraries.  Since we have reciprocal agreements with these libraries you can expect delivery in 3 working days on average (sometimes less or more depending on the time of year and availability of the item you request).


Casting the widest search possible, WorldCat will search worldwide libraries. This will give you the most options but may take longer to acquire the item, especially if it has minimal holdings or is only available outside the country.

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