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Requesting Materials for the Library's Collection

The Acquisitions Department coordinates the selection and purchase of books, periodicals, videos, DVDs, compact discs, and selected materials in other formats. Acquisitions works closely with faculty directly, or through department chairs and/or library liaisons, in order to make the process of requesting materials for the library's collection as simple and painless as possible.

It is important to note that selection and requisition policies and procedures vary among the academic departments. All faculty are encouraged to consult with their department chairs at the beginning of the academic year before placing order requests. All materials purchased through faculty recommendations are charged against the appropriate academic department's (or concentration's) portion of the library book budget.


Annually, each academic department is allocated a portion of the library's materials budget for book acquisitions.

  • Requests may also be submitted via e-mail (, through phone mail messages (389-2124), from initialed Choice cards, or from publishers' catalogues, brochures or ads that have been marked and/or initialed by the faculty member.

It is important to supply as much order information as possible to facilitate the ordering process.


Periodical and/or serial requests are also processed through Acquisitions. Because periodicals represent a continuing fiscal commitment, periodical subscriptions are placed only after careful and detailed review by the library Director in consultation with both the library's professional staff and the requestor.


Annually, each academic department is allocated a portion of the library' materials budget for video/DVD purchases. All video purchase requests are processed through Acquisitions. For video rental and/or preview requests, please contact the Media Center.

Every effort is made to acquire videos in a timely fashion to make them available for the required class dates. If a video is needed by a certain date, you must note this when you submit the video purchase request. Please be sure to allow as much time as possible in order to ensure that the video is here and processed in time for your classes.


Acquisitions also processes orders for CDs, audiocassettes, slides, and CD-ROMs. Since the budgets for these materials are not divided along department lines (as are books and videos), these orders are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. In the case of CD-ROM requests, depending on the cost involved (which may also require additional hardware purchases), you may be asked to provide a more detailed indication of the projected use of the item before the order is placed.


For questions about subscriptions to electronic resources, please contact the Library Director, Catherine Doyle, at 389-2123 or at


In special circumstances, Acquisitions can expedite rush requests when the material is needed as soon as possible. Please mark such requests accordingly. If the material is needed for Reserve, please note the title and course number as well as the professor's name, and, after the material comes in, it will be processed directly to the Reserve Collection.

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