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Poster Prints, Banners & Signs

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Office Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm M-F

Location: Library lower level, room 132

Phone: (585) 389-2146


Fax: (585) 389-2110

Poster Pricing Examples

Common poster sizes:
18" x 24" - $9.00
24" x 24" - $12.00
24" x 36" - $18.00
36" x 48" - $36.00

Large format poster prints and signs are available from original PDF files. Prints can be made on 24", 36", or 42" wide paper, glossy or heavy-coated. Vinyl in 24", 36", or 42" sizes is available for banner printing and optional grommets are also available.

Files being dropped off between 8:30am - 4:30pm, M-F should be brought to the Media Resources office (lower level of the Library, room 132). Files dropped off at other times may be left at the Technology and Media Service Desk. Poster files may also be emailed to

Please note: Pick up completed orders at the Technology and Media Service Desk.

Turnaround time - one week
Matte $3.00/sq.ft.
Glossy $4.00/sq.ft.
Grommets for banners
Poster Storage Tube - 24"
Poster Storage Tube - 36" $3.00/ea.
Poster Storage Tube - 42" $3.50/ea.
  Square foot = l x w. All measurements are rounded up to the nearest
  whole square foot.

Additional Options

Foam Board Mounting
Posters and signs may also be mounted on foam board. Pricing varies based on size. In general, cost is $4.25.

For more information about laminating services, please visit our Lamination web page.

Additional Poster Print Information

  • PDF files are requested because PDFs embed fonts and graphics so there will not be any unintended changes or alterations in your file.
  • Colors on the screen may print differently on paper.
  • When creating poster, set the page size in your software program to the size of the finished poster.
  • When possible, please submit all graphics (graphs, pictures, clipart, etc.) separately in case there is a formatting issue.
  • Low-res graphics may not reproduce well once enlarged.
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