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Audio & Video Streaming

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Office Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm M-F

Location: Library lower level, room 132

Phone: (585) 389-2146


Fax: (585) 389-2110

Media Resources offers digital streaming of recorded media content. Streaming services are flexible serving both academic and administrative purposes and providing either restricted or public access.

Digital streaming is ideal for collaborative use and/or sharing of media content with your department, committee, group or the public. Media content may also be streamed within a Moodle course page for use by students in a specific class.

Examples of how this service may be utilized include:

  • Viewing and peer evaluating class presentations
  • Evaluating student clinical sessions
  • Viewing  job applicant video submissions
  • Previewing video projects in production phase
  • Streaming feature films for educational purposes, generally within a Moodle course page (proper permissions/licensing is required)
  • Showcasing campus events

The Media Resources department maintains the Campus Event Recordings page that provides on-demand access to videos of campus events including lectures, concerts and other special events.

At this time, we do not offer live streaming.




Digital Streaming/Using Video Online

I want to use a video for my online course, is it possible to have it available online through my Moodle course page? Yes, but first a digital streaming license would need to be obtained.

Who obtains the license? Obtaining the license is a service provided by the Library.

Who is the contact person? The contact is Media Resources at

How much advance notice is required when requesting a video for streaming? A minimum of two weeks advance notice is required. However, we recommend that you submit your requests even earlier in case the video does not have an established distributor and/or requires additional research.

Once a license is obtained how does the video get inserted on my Moodle course page? Media Resources staff would insert a link to the video on your course page.

Can I use the video for more than one class in the same semester? In most cases, you may use the video for more than one class in the same semester.

Can the video be modified or can I add comments, questions of key points? Generally, modifications or edits cannot be made to the video. Some distributors offer an interactive platform for an additional fee. The Library currently does not have a contract for these extra services.

Is closed captioning available? In most cases, closed captioning is an option. Please let us know in advance so we can arrange to receive the captioned version in addition to the non-captioned version. Sometimes, the captioned version has to be digitized, thus advance planning will help us ensure materials are available when you need to use them.

Can more than one student watch the video at the same time? Yes, there is no limit to the number of concurrent viewers.

Can the video be downloaded? No, what is inserted in Moodle is an access link to stream the video.

Is any special software needed to view the video? You may need to download a specific player. If so, you will be guided through prompts.

What is the quality of the video? Numerous factors could affect the quality including the user's Internet service and hardware.

How do you obtain a digital streaming license? The first step to obtaining a digital streaming license is to identify and contact the distributor. Most videos have an established distributor. If digital streaming of a title is allowed, the distributor generally has the authority to grant a license.

What if the video doesn't have a distributor? The rights holder would need to be identified and contacted. In some instances, this may involve contacting the filmmaker directly.

If the distributor or rights holder is identified does that indicate that a digital streaming license will be available? Not necessarily, the rights holder may not allow digital streaming of the video.

How long does the license last? There is range of licensing options offered by distributors or rights holders. Some offer packages for a group of titles or in some cases for their entire collection. The licensing period may vary also. However, many titles are only available on an individual basis for the term of one semester.

Are the licensing fees charged to my department? No, digital streaming licensing services provided by the Library includes payment of fees.

Will the fees be deducted from my department's Library material allocation? No, the budget for digital streaming licenses is separate from the departmental library materials allocation budget.

Is there a limit to the number of digital streaming licenses that can be obtained per department or course? The overall number of licenses obtained by the Library varies per semester and is partially based on budget.

What if at the end of that term, the rights holder changes to another distributor and I want to use the video again? The new distributor would be contacted, although the license may have different fees or terms.

Wouldn't the Fair Use Guidelines or TEACH Act allow a video owned by the Library to be digitized and used in a secured course management system such as Moodle for an online course? Purchase of a video does not include streaming rights. Digital delivery of a video involves format conversion, which is in violation of copyright law and Digital Millennium Copyright Act and use of an entire video is not covered under the Fair Use Guidelines or TEACH Act.

What if the rights holder cannot be identified or attempts to contact are unanswered? Would this be considered a good faith effort under the Fair Use Guidelines and thus the video can be digitized and streamed? No, if the rights holder cannot be located or a response is not received, a video is not eligible for streaming.

If a streaming license cannot be obtained, is there a resource/catalogs I can check to see what videos are available for streaming? Yes, Media Resources in the Library can help you research alternatives.

What if I change my mind after the order is placed? Cancellation and substitution polices vary by contract. Contact Media Resources immediately with any changes.

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