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Faculty & Grad Assistant

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Setting up a Graduate Assistant Account

Please follow the procedures listed below to ensure accurate registration, privacy of personal ILL activity for both the Faculty member and Graduate Assistant, and accessibility to the shared account.


1.       Both the Faculty member and the Graduate Assistant should register with ILLiad prior to setting up the shared Graduate Assistant ILLiad Account.

2.       The Faculty member should then set up a new account with ILLiad, filling out these specific fields as follows:

·         First Name  =  Your Grad Assistant's First Name

·         Last Name  =  Your Grad Assistant’s Last Name followed by GRAD ASSIST  (e.g., Johnson GRAD ASSIST)

·         Customer Status  =  Graduate Assistant

·         Authorized Users  =  Include both the Faculty member's name and the Grad Assistant's name. This is necessary so both of you have authorization to pick up materials at the Main Circulation Desk.

·         Other fields, e.g., e-mail, telephone, campus address, should be filled-in according to how you wish to receive communication about your ILL requests 

It is extremely important to have your Graduate Assistant place ILL requests for you
under this joint account and not his/her personal account.

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