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Collection Development and Donation Policies

Have a donation?

Have a donation?

Look in the "Checklist for accession" to see if your item may qualify.

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Nazareth College Archives

Collection Development and Donation Policies

The Nazareth College Archives willingly accepts potential items for the collection from current and former faculty, alumni, staff, and community members. Detailed below are the current policies regarding collection development and donations. Please first use the checklist below, to see whether you can easily identify if the item has historical value. If you are still unsure whether an item may have value for the collection, please contact us.



Materials acquisition

Items of enduring historical and research value will be acquired by the Nazareth College Archives. Items of enduring value include those which help paint the 'Nazareth portrait' as related to its academic, physical, social, and cultural legacy. These items show the College's organizational growth, policies, procedures, operations, and activities. Trustee, administrator, faculty, staff, student, and alumni histories and publications are also considered items of value.

Checklist for accession

  • Does the item significantly document some aspect of Nazareth College or the Nazareth College community?
  • Who created the item? (What is the position of the creator: highly placed official, hold a key position or role? Involvement in the events recorded? Knowledge about the events recorded? Do the records exhibit a bias?)
  • Is the item of relative importance?
  • Does the Archives already have an identical item? No more than 3 copies, in general, of an item will be retained.
  • What is the condition of the item? Can the Archives care for it properly? Will its preservation require expense that is beyond the means of the Archives budget?
  • If the item is a donation or bequest, is it clear that the donor has legal ownership and the right to offer the item to the Archives?
  • Is this material available elsewhere?


All items acquired, transferred or donated to the Nazareth College Archives will become sole property of the Archives and no longer belong to the originating office, individual, or organization. Donors will be encouraged to transfer copyright as well, in order to aid researchers. The Archives will have final authority about use, arrangement, and disposition of accessioned materials.

Types of media

Materials of any medium that can be adequately stored, cared for and preserved by the Archives will be acquired. This includes all types of printed materials, visual images, audio and video recordings and memorabilia.

Transfer of Records

Transfer of Records Policy is under Construction.

Restricted or confidential materials

Restricted or confidential materials will only be acquired on a limited scale. Items will be deemed restricted by the Archivist in conjunction with the Library Director/or legal counsel through the President's Office.


At some future time, the Archives may decide to digitize or otherwise reformat donated collections for preservation and access purposes. In this instance, the original material may be kept, returned to the donor, or destroyed according to the terms of the donation agreement.


Any item the Archivist deems no longer relevant to the collection may be de-accessioned. De-accessioning will not take place without the written approval of the Library Director and the originating office of the documents, according to records management policies, in consultation with administrative officers when appropriate. All information pertaining to the de-accessioning and disposition of material will be retained in the Archive records. Any item that the Archives can no longer adequately or safely care for may be de-accessioned.

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