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About the Nazareth College Archives

Want to see more?

Want to see more?

See contact info below to schedule an appointment with the college archivist.

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Contact Information

Deborah Janetos


About the Nazareth College Archives

In August of 2011, the archives found a new home with a dedicated space in the basement of the Lorette Wilmot Library. The archives can now offer researchers a space for study and a safe environment to store valuable artifacts for future generations. If you have questions regarding the College's history or would like to schedule a research appointment, please feel free to e-mail, phone or write Deborah Janetos.

Archives Mission Statement

The Nazareth College Archives collects, organizes, describes, maintains, promotes and provides access to institutional records of enduring historical and research value as a resource for Nazareth College trustees, administration, faculty, staff, students, alumni, researchers, and the interested public. It is dedicated to provide optimal physical conditions for the care and preservation of these records, by ensuring that the environment of the Archives is regulated and the space secure, and that the items in the collection are properly housed and protected. The Archives is committed to providing access to information about the college’s origins, history, goals, programs and contributions.

The Collection

The collections include catalogs, department and college newsletters, The Gleaner, hundreds of photographs, memorabilia, newspaper clippings and much more.


Donations of documents, photographs and other items related to the history of the college are welcome within the limits of space and resources, and with the understanding that they may be used for educational purposes. If you are interested in donating items or uncertain whether an item you have may be of interest, please see our Collection Development and Donation Policies.


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