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Library Mission

Library Mission

To empower the Nazareth Community to transform information into knowledge.

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Our Mission at the Lorette Wilmot Library and Media Center is to empower the Nazareth Community to transform information into knowledge.  As such, we have a variety of policies in place to ensure that this dream becomes a reality, including protecting individuals' intellectual rights and safeguarding the integrity of our collection through careful donation policies.  Please see below for more information and if you have any questions regarding services the library provides, please visit our Services page.

Library Statements

Library Values

  • We are fundamentally a service organization and our highest priority is to meet the needs of our users in a professional, proactive, friendly, and enthusiastic way.
  • We exist to advance learning and scholarship in support of both the curriculum and the personal and professional development that fosters a commitment for lifelong learning.
  • We are professional in our dealings with each other, treating co-workers with respect, expecting communication and collaboration, and recognizing that each of us have unique talents and responsibilities that allow us to work together to help our users to excel.
  • We strive for excellence in all we do and recognize that creativity and risk-taking are essential to progress, growth, and surpassing our users' expectations.
  • We operate within a formal departmental structure, but recognize that, at times, autonomous decision making and action may provide the best service for our users.
  • We provide a welcoming, comfortable environment that embraces technology and maintains the inclusiveness and accommodation that are the hallmarks of the Nazareth community.
  • We support and defend intellectual freedom and privacy rights, as articulated in “Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries” and other statements and policies endorsed by the American Library Association.

Library Vision

The Lorette Wilmot Library and Media Center (LWLMC) is a spacious building that is at the center of Nazareth College. At the entrance of the LWLMC is an informational hub displaying library, campus, and community information, campus maps and building floor plans, and directories; much of the information is conveyed on touch panel displays to ensure interactive and up to date information.

The library cafe offers soothing music, enticing aromas, and soft cushioned lounge chairs. A popular gathering spot, it provides not only the comfort of a hot drink, but a forum for activities such as book signings, musical performances, and other cultural displays. Scattered among the lounge chairs are small tables and comfortable furniture where students snack, read and work on their wireless laptops.

The LWLMC is well lit and many windows highlight the beautifully landscaped campus. At night additional lighting comes from the warm glow of individual reading lamps on the tables and study carrels. Plants, comfortable furniture, artwork and displays give a relaxed, homey feeling. Patrons choose from a variety of work spaces ranging from the traditional tables and carrels of a reading room to plush, comfortable reading chairs or the small and medium sized group study rooms, smart rooms and well-equipped media playback rooms. This variety of spaces insulates the quieter areas from the noisier social areas. The gallery, with exhibits showcasing the artistic talents of the Nazareth community, is among the most popular spots on campus.

There is wireless access throughout the building, offering the Nazareth community the latest electronic resources in addition to the up to date print and media collections that are available on site. Patrons bring in their laptops or can check one out at any of our circulation desks. The access to electronic materials through our web pages is free to the Nazareth community and highly used. Whether looking for full-text articles, e-books, or just searching for information, the students are effortlessly able to navigate the web due to the ease of our library web pages and the library instruction they receive that supports their studies. More than just a storehouse for books, media and equipment, the LWLMC empowers the Nazareth community to transform information into knowledge. Our staff does this by facilitating access to, supporting use of, and educating the Nazareth community about resources from around the world, ranging from virtual collections on the internet to interlibrary loans from other institutions to the materials that we house here in our own stacks.

We provide friendly and professional service in a variety of areas and facilities. For example, our commitment to Information Literacy is demonstrated by the sessions that are conducted in our hands-on instruction room by librarians and classroom faculty, a collaboration that continues outside the LWLMC as well. Likewise, the state of the art Video Editing labs and recording facilities, and the workshops and one on one instruction that the Media staff offer, are highly valued by the Nazareth community, most especially the students and faculty who develop video productions as part of their coursework. Well-trained student employees provide essential front-line service in an inviting and competent manner in all areas of the LWLMC. There is respect among staff, patrons, and faculty so all feel comfortable and accepted. LWLMC staff communicates easily with each other and creativity and risk-taking are encouraged. Departments work well together and are unified by their shared Constancy of Purpose (mission, values and vision) which is on display in every department. Staff feel they are appropriately compensated, and help out where needed, agreeing that service to our patrons is our primary objective.

LWLMC is known throughout the campus for its superior services, cutting-edge technology, and knowledgeable staff. Distance learning, interlibrary loans, and media production and delivery are examples of our resources reaching beyond the physical footprint of our building. Collaboration, such as with academic departments on information literacy and with administrative departments to promote our cultural resources, is what makes the Lorette Wilmot Library and Media Center the hub of the Nazareth community.

Ratified at the LWLMC All-Staff Meeting of May 25, 2005

Computer Access and Intellectual Freedom

Nazareth College does not restrict access to sites based on content or on potential copyright issues. It is, however, incumbent upon every individual using college resources to adhere to the Nazareth College Computing Code of Conduct, which includes issues related to content and copyright. Nazareth College Library supports Intellectual Freedom and Privacy Rights. These are articulated in the Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries. However, because the library computers are in public areas, the viewing of adult websites may be considered potentially offensive by others, and therefore fall under sexual harassment guidelines. Please see Nazareth's policy on harassment.


Thank you for considering donating materials to Nazareth College. The needs of academic libraries are both varied and specific. Please be aware that these needs exclude some of the items that people often wish to donate, and that may be better utilized elsewhere. Below are some guidelines for making donations of materials to the Lorette Wilmot Library and Media Center.

  • Please arrange for donations to be delivered to the main Circulation Desk located in the front of the Library. Please include a Donor Gift Form with your donation.
  • All materials should be of value to the Nazareth College research community or should complement the curriculum.
  • Damaged items (including those with mold, water damage, significant tears, markings and with unpleasant odors) will not be accepted.
  • Any materials that bear ownership marks of other institutions will not be accepted.
  • Student workbooks or textbooks with underlining and highlighting will not be accepted.
  • Obsolete media formats (vinyl records, audiocassettes, VHS tapes, etc.) will not be accepted.
  • Preview copies and promotional copies of videos will not be accepted.
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