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About the Library

About the Library

Nazareth College Lorette Wilmot Library

The library currently houses over a quarter of a million books, 45,000 print volumes and over 137,000 electronic resources in addition to a variety of special collections. Additionally, there are a wide variety of services and departments available to support research needs.

To better facilitate questions, our getting around the library page describes the different departments and how they can best support your academic needs.  If you are interested in the history of the library or library specific policies such as the mission statement or donations policy, please visit these pages or contact with further questions.

The library itself is a very interesting building with a variety of places to study, relax and explore. In particular, we receive many questions about the Latin inscriptions and below are the locations and translations.

Latin Phrases Translated

Inscription on the marble in the browsing lounge above the entrance to the rare book room.

In Principio Erat Verbum * et Verbum Erat Apud Deum * Et Deus Erat Verbum * Hoc Erat In Principio Apud Deum

In the beginning was the Word * and the Word was with God * and the Word was God * This was in the beginning with God

Lettering in the Saint Jerome Window

Tu Es Christus * Filius Dei Vivi

Thou art Christ * the Son of the living God

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