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Registering and Earning Credit

Interns spend 10 weeks (8 weeks in the summer) AND at least 120 hours at their internship sites.

All internships at Nazareth earn academic credit which means you will need to register for an internship class.

  1. Discuss your internship with your departmental advisor and the Director of Internships – make sure to keep them in the loop! If you have found or created an internship on your own, you will want to ensure it will be approved for credit.
  2. Fill out an Internship Approval Form or Summer Internship Approval Form (if you are planning to do a summer internship) with your advisor and turn it in to the Internship Office (GAC 112).
  3. Register for the appropriate internship class in NazNet. If you have questions about which class to register for, be sure to talk to your advisor and the Director of Internships. *The summer internship registration process is different – be sure to contact Emily Carpenter ( for details if this is when you plan to complete your experience.
  4. Watch for emails from Emily Carpenter, Director of Internships, with directions and important dates. All students enrolled in the internship course attend three seminars and complete a series of reflective assignments.
  5. Fill out a Site Agreement Form with your internship supervisor. This should be completed BEFORE you begin your internship or on the first day. This form is also submitted to the Internship Office (GAC 112).
  6. Students need to spend at least 10 weeks (8 weeks during the summer) AND 120 hours minimum at their internship site in as well as complete all academic assignments in order to earn three credits.
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