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Morning Radio

Student: Kaeleigh Beebee
Major: Music/Business
Internship Site: 98PXY Rochester

What made you decide to take an internship at 98PXY Rochester?

I have known Spezzano, Sandy, and Duffy since I did a radio bit with them last year. I heard they needed an intern and I knew I had to apply. They are so much fun to work for!

What skills have you learned as an intern that will be helpful in a future job setting?

I have learned how to actively be a part of a team and also how to be self-sufficient on my personal projects. I have to apply what I learned every day to what I do. But the number one skill I learned is that wanting to learn something new and improve every day is so important.

What do you think makes this internship experience stand out from others?

I am doing something that reaches a wide range of people every day as they are driving to work or school. It's great to hear that people like the show and that we made them laugh on their morning drive.

What has been the most memorable experience so far in your internship?

Any Thursday is memorable with our "War of the Roses." I have heard some crazy things from some crazy people. Nothing shocks me anymore.

What piece of advice would you give to future intern students?

Find something that you may not have considered as a job and try it for your internship. You may end up enjoying it, having fun, and considering it as a possible career. I sure did!

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