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Short-term Programs

For General Information

Please contact:
Kathleen Hansen
Assistant Director for Overseas Studies & Exchanges
Phone: 585-389-2673
Office: G-119

Not quite ready to study abroad for a semester or an entire year?  Think you don’t have enough time to fit in a study abroad experience while earning your degree at Nazareth College?  Think again!  Short-term programs involve academic courses, service-learning opportunities and/or study tours led by Nazareth College professors. These programs most often occur during spring, winter, or summer breaks and are certainly a great stepping stone to introduce you to the idea of what it is like to study outside the United States. While abroad, you can experience a country or region first-hand and participate in cultural activities designed to facilitate cross-cultural understanding.

Short-term education programs can range from five days to five weeks in country; most of the programs normally run for two weeks. In addition, some programs allow you to earn three to six credit hours of study and may be fully or partially held abroad.

Under the leadership of Nazareth faculty, students have the opportunity to visit exciting sites, listen to speakers with international knowledge and outlook, practice foreign languages, taste authentic cuisine, and make connections with people from various cultures.  A short-term program curriculum is designed to integrate class learning with benchmarking visits to local sites and landmarks; students embark on life-changing adventures with other students and faculty members to world-renowned locations while experiencing diverse cultures.

The Center for International Education at Nazareth College coordinates a wide range of short-term study abroad programs with Nazareth College faculty in order to design relevant courses and opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. These programs are open to students, faculty, and staff from neighboring colleges and universities as well as throughout the United States.

Are you interested in taking a trip to another country for only a few weeks?  Consider a short-term program!  For more details about each program, please view the links to the left.

Please note:  Short-term programs are subject to safety and security factors, sufficient student enrollment, as well as fiscal considerations. The cost of each trip varies annually. Some short-term programs may have prerequisites and some are offered to only specific majors.

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