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India: Physical Therapy Program


If you are interested in this program, please contact Dr. Jennifer Collins directly.


Please contact:
Dr. Jennifer Collins
Professor and Department Chair of Physical Therapy & Program Coordinator
Phone: 585-389-2905
Office: Carroll Hall 103F

India: Physical Therapy Program

General Program Description

Course Objectives:

1) Identify characteristics of similarity and difference between the health care systems of the US and India
2) Use literature to support findings and opinions stated in assignments and presentations
3) Consider opportunities for future global exchange to promote learning between physical therapist communities
4) Provide presentation after the trip to PT students and faculty; others from the Nazareth community.
5) Find credible references to support the theoretical underpinnings of Ayurvedic Medicine
6) Consider the process of establishing Evidence Based Physical Therapy in a developing country.
7) Analyze the role of holistic, mind-body-spiritual approaches to enhancing patient/client outcomes
8) Identify ways that the US physical therapist community could benefit from global exchange opportunities similar to that in this course.
9) Communicate with professionals and clients of a different cultural, background in a respectful manner, cognizant of the values of that culture.
10) Identify opportunities for integrating the concepts gained during this trip into your own physical therapy practice in the future.
11) Reflect upon your personal experiences while traveling in India and consider how they impact your views, beliefs, and biases.
12) Develop a plan for your own continued professional development that builds from some element experienced during this course.
13) Brainstorm with professionals, faculty, and or other students regarding opportunities to improve the effectiveness or efficiency in care for various conditions.

Pre- or Co- Requisites:
All required P.T. courses for the first 8 semesters of the DPT program completion of:
1) Statement of Due Warning and Assumption of Risk Form
2) Emergency Treatment Permission and Contact Information Form

Program Details

Course Information

This course is designed as a short-term study abroad to explore and better understand the practice of physical therapy in India. Physical therapy in the context of modern medicine and the current Indian health care system, as well as Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), is explored. There are discussion, experiential, and reflective components to the course; including opportunities to compare systems and practices between the US and India, and to work with under-served clients in Kerala, India. Students will have the opportunity to visit many cultural attractions in Kerala.


The next trip is planned for January 2014 to fulfill the elective course requirements.

Tentative Schedule

Participate in lecture and laboratory experiences at Parassinakadavu Ayurveda Medical College.

Provide physical therapy services to under-served individuals in community-based clinics.

Participate in educational exchange with Indian physiotherapists and physiotherapists students.

Practice in daily yoga sessions.

Tour Kerala backwaters

Visit temples

Other cultural events such as Theyyem, Kalari, and traditional dance.

Costs and Financial Aid

Costs for the Trip

Total Cost = $4,800 per student All inclusive round trip airfare from Rochester to Kerala, travel insurance, lodging, meals, ground transportation, course fees, materials, and cultural events.

Application Deadlines

Application deadline: August 2013

Travel Documents

All students will need a valid passport that continues to be valid at least six months after the conclusion of the semester program in India. They will also need to obtain a tourist visa.

Living Accommodations

Students will stay at the Sneha Inn.

About India

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