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Hungary: American Studies Research Program


If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Dr. Scott Campbell for application materials.


Please contact:
Dr. Scott M. Campbell
Program Director
Professor & Philosophy Department Chair
Phone: (585) 389-2719
Office: G-497

What is America Week?

Hungary: American Studies Research Program

Course Description


The students and the faculty members travel to Hungary for a study abroad/undergraduate research experience.

Students experience personal enrichment by participating in this program in the following ways:

  • Students conduct in-depth research in American Studies with a faculty member.
  • Students develop an awareness of international issues and the importance of cross-cultural collaboration.
  • Students develop an appreciation for a unique Central European culture that is very different from their own.
  • Students learn about the system of higher education in Hungary and Central Europe.
  • Through contact with students in Hungary and through home-stays with a Hungarian family, students learn about Hungarian culture.
  • Students cultivate an appreciation for the importance of immersion in another culture, learning about the food, art, and music of that culture.

Student Learning Outcomes

The students will work with faculty members on undergraduate research projects and then present the results of their research on panels and roundtable discussions at the America Week conference at the University of Pannonia.

  • Each faculty member works with 2-3 students over the course of five months on an independent research project. The students write a research essay on a topic dealing with American culture and business, education, or the humanities.
  • Each student presents the results of their research on a panel or in a roundtable discussion at the America Week conference in Veszprém, Hungary.
  • Students attend lectures and make site visits organized exclusively for them in all three cities.
  • Students visit museums and other points of cultural interest in all three cities, including, in Budapest: the Opera House, the Jewish Temple, the Castle District, the National Museum, and Parliament; in Veszprém: the Castle District, Lake Balaton, and the University of Pannonia; in Pécs: the Gazi Kasim Mosque and the Necropolis of Sopianae (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).
  • Students interact with their peers, visiting classes and sharing their knowledge and experiences.

To learn more about America Week 2013, please click here.

Program Details


The length of the trip is about one week. Undergraduate and graduate students along with faculty members travel to Budapest, Veszprém, and Pécs in Hungary (one night is spent in Budapest, four nights in Veszprém, one day in Pécs, and then three nights in Budapest).

For a presentation schedule from America Week 2013, please click here

Costs and Financial Aid

The estimated cost is $2,500 for each student.

Breakdown of Costs for each Student

  • Flight, including travel insurance: approximately $1,350
  • Accommodation in Budapest: 4 nights = $300
  • Accommodation in Veszprém: Homestays = free
  • Food: $300
  • Gifts/Hospitality/Tips: $50
  • Tourism: $150
  • Taxis/Travel: $50
  • Administrative Fee: $300

Total estimated cost = $2,500/student

Application Deadlines


Travel Documents

A valid passport is required for this trip.

Living Accommodations

Students are expected to pay for their own accommodations in Budapest; home-stays and dorm accommodations are arranged at the University of Pannonia while in Veszprém.

About Hungary

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