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Application Information

Download application forms here.

Mail to:
Dr. Maria Rosario Vitti-Alexander
Nazareth College of Rochester
4245 East Avenue
Rochester NY 14618-3790

General Program Description

Nazareth’s Foreign Languages and Literatures Department offers an academic year or semester in Pescara, Italy, in affiliation with the Universita degli Studi G. D'Annunzio. We invite you to explore the opportunities of enhancing your education through study abroad, and firmly believe that by spending a semester or more in Pescara, students will acquire a greater speaking fluency of the Italian language and grasp the culture of Italy. Students achieve a proficiency in the language and grow from their multicultural experience of living and studying abroad.

Program Highlights:

For Italian majors and non-majors alike. Also open to: Business Administration, Psychology, International Studies, Communication Sciences and Disorders, History, and many other areas of study.

  • Program offered during the Fall and Spring, for semester or full year.
  • Students enroll in several departments (Literature and Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Economics and Political Science, and Architectures) depending on their interests and major requirements. 
  • Many classes are offered in English.
  • Students reside in apartments with other Italian college students; they receive monthly stipends to pay for meals.
  • Activities and field trips are organized, and students in the program can expect to participate regularly in social and cultural events with Italian college students.

Program Details


The Nazareth College Pescara Program is open to both men and women, students in their junior year, teachers on sabbatical leave, and in special cases sophomores and seniors, upon careful examination and recommendations from their Academic Advisors.

It is suggested that potential candidates have some Italian language experience (unless applying for the program for non-Italian speakers). The selection of applicants will be based upon careful examination of their scholastic achievements and upon other available evidence of ability and good character.

Students applying for admission should submit:

  1. application form
  2. transcript
  3. two letters of recommendation (for non-Nazareth students only)
  4. signed Release and Liability form
  5. medical form
  6. housing deposit
  • Effective on August 1, 2009, The Pescara program shall adopt a new policy with respect to the students occupying apartments in Pescara while studying at the University G. D'Annunzio.
  • On or before the September 1st (for the Fall semester), January 1st (for the Winter semester) or June 1st (for the Summer short semester), the student will be required to post a housing deposit in the amount of $300.00 (Damage Deposit) to cover any damages to the apartment occurring while the student resides there during the semester. The Housing Deposit should be paid as follows: A check should be delivered to the address listed below on or before the Due Date preceding the semester, made payable to "Nazareth College Pescara Program" in the amount of $300.00
  • The Housing Deposit will be applied to cover damages to the apartment, if any, occurring during the student's stay, with the remainder to be refunded to the student promptly following the close of the semester. Students will remain responsible to Nazareth College for any damages to the apartment which exceed the Housing Deposit.

These documents should be sent to:

Dr. Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander
Director of the Pescara Program
Nazareth College of Rochester
4245 East Avenue
Rochester, New York 14618-3790
Tel. (585) 389-2688
Fax (585) 586-2452

Application deadlines:

  • Mid October for students going in the Spring
  • Mid March for students going in the Fall
  • Mid March for students going in the Summer

Academic Information

Classes will be held at Universita di G. d 'Annunzio. These classes will be conducted by Italian professors in an authentic Italian environment. This is not an institute for foreign study. It is an actual Italian university at which one can interact with other Italian students in all classes.

Courses: All courses will be selected from the university's course book. A meeting will be held with Dr. Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander to review the selection of these courses.

Textbooks: Textbooks are available at the bookstore across the street from the university. The prices of books vary.

Evaluation: Class attendance is compulsory. All absences are recorded and made a part of the student's final record. Students are evaluated on attendance, participation, and their final examination grade.

Examination: Final examinations are required in all courses, and are given at the end of the semester.

Credits: Credits are expressed in semester hours. A maximum of 15 credits is allowed to each student per semester. The administration reserves the right to cancel or change any course or courses.

Transcripts: Transcripts will be issued upon request by the Registrar's Office of Nazareth College in accordance with College policy.

Behavior: All students are expected to abide by the regulations, and conduct themselves as representatives of Nazareth College and their country. The administration has the right to require the withdrawal of any students whose moral conduct or academic performance warrant such a measure.

Information for Students & Parents: As explained in the application materials, an Italian Student chosen by our Pescara Director, Professor Anna Maria Cantalini, will help you while attending classes at the Universita di G. d 'Annunzio in Pescara (some courses may be offered at the Chieti campus). Our Nazareth College students will take the final exams at the end of the semester. Professor Antonio Sorella, the faculty member in charge of the Exchange Program at the Universita di G. d 'Annunzio in Pescara/Chieti, will sign the students' "attestati" (exam evaluations) prior to their departure.

The departure date for Fall & Spring for our students is set according to the Erasmus schedule (Erasmus is the language program for foreign students in Italy). Students will arrive at the Fiumicino Airport, near Rome or at the Pescara Airport. If arriving in Rome they will take a direct bus from the airport to Pescara. Professor Cantalini and the hosting students will meet the Nazareth students either at the Pescara airport or at the Pescara bus station, depending on where they are arriving. It is important that the students strictly adhere to the above dates and it is absolutely necessary that they communicate via e-mail their flight number and time of arrival to Professor Cantalini and to Professor Vitti-Alexander.

Professor Cantalini will also assist students in organizing their weekend trips to Venice, Florence, and Rome.

Contact Numbers in Pescara:

Professor Anna Maria Cantalini:
Via Canonico 3/1
65125 Pescara PE
Tel.: 011 39 (if calling from the States: 085 76447)
Cell: 011 39 (if calling from the States: 347-824-5274)

Professor Andrea Mariani:
Tel.: 011 39 (if calling from the States: 338-121-3139)
Office: 011 085 (if calling from the States: 453-7847)

Professor Antonio Sorella:
Cell: 011 39 (if calling from the States: 347-626-4487)

Monica Spacca (Sorella's Assistant):
Cell: 011 39 (if calling from the States: 349-202-7337)

Emergency (Police):
For emergencies simply dial 112

Special Opportunity for Non-Italian Speakers

The Universita G. D'Annunzio in Pescara, together with the Conservatory of Music Luisa D'Annunzio, are offering a special opportunity for our Nazareth College students. Students who have little or no knowledge of Italian may now study in Pescara for one or two semesters during the academic year.

1) The Anglo-American department of Universita' G. D'Annunzio will be offering the following courses in English:

-Theory and Practice of Translation (Mark Twain, Edith Wharton, Gertrude Stein, George Santayana); Prof. Andrea Mariani. *For course description, Click Here

-Anglo-American Studies (Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Henry James); Prof. Andrea Mariani. *For course description, Click Here

-Edgar Allan Poe and the Culture of the Antebellum America (Survey of American Literature, in-depth reading of Poe's Tales); Prof. Carlo Martinez. *For course description, Click Here

2. The Conservatory of Music Luisa D'Annunzio will offer a variety of courses to our music students (please consult the Conservatorio's web site for a full listing)

3. Grammar courses

Erasmus I Erasmus II Italian Grammar and Conversation for Foreign Students.

Interested students should contact Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander at: 389-2688

Study Abroad Fees

Price for the school year: The cost of the entire academic year in Italy is equivalent to the on-campus Nazareth College cost. The price includes:

1. Room and board in Pescara from the time of departure until the day of return. This time does not include the winter vacation. During this period, students may remain in the same apartment if their host agrees. Students will have to pay for this additional period.

2. Excursions are per itinerary in the school calendar (that is, Venice, Florence, and Rome).

3. Tuition is for Fall and Spring semesters with a maximum of 15 credit hours per semester. Full payment must be made prior to departure.

Price for one semester only: For students who register for one semester only, the cost is equivalent to a full semester at Nazareth College. This covers all of the aforementioned expenses, but only from early September until mid December (for Fall semester students) or from the end of January until the end of May (for Spring semester students).

Full payment must be made prior to departure.

View personal expenses document

Financial Aid: Students participating in the study abroad program in Pescara are eligible for all financial resources as if they were studying on the Nazareth College campus, except for the Room Grant which is only applicable toward on-campus housing. Detailed information is available in the Financial Aid Office, Smyth Hall, Room 43.

Scholarship: The Quinn-Metz Scholarship, and other scholarships, for studies in Italy is available to students planning to study in Italy through the Nazareth College's Pescara program. All students who apply and are accepted for the program will be eligible to be considered for the Quinn-Metz Scholarship. Awards will be distributed through the Financial Aid office in students' financial aid packages.

The Quinn-Metz Scholarship for Studies in Italy was endowed by Mr. David Metz, Chairman of the Nazareth College Board of Trustees, and his wife, Alexandra (Sandy) Quinn Metz. The scholarship was established in memory of Mrs. Metz's parents, Frank and Anna Bizzari-Quinn. Mrs. Bizzari-Quinn was a native of Italy and Mr. Quinn was knighted by the Italian Republic for his services as a vice consul of Italy in the United States.

The Metzs hope their scholarship will help young people come to appreciate the beauty and zest of Italy, to derive from it a more acute sense of art, history and the glories of life, and to refresh the memory of the Bizzari and Quinn families in Italy and America.

Transportation: Students are responsible for making their own flight arrangements. Students will take a pronto bus from the airport to the station in Pescara, where transportation will be provided to their assigned apartment. Transportation to the airport at the end of the semester is not provided.

Release of Liability: All participants (and a parent, guardian, or spouse where applicable) must sign the Release of Liability and Agreement to Indemnity forms.

Refund Policy: The refund policy is in accordance with the Bursar's Office of Nazareth College.


Internships at the Pescara Residential Program are semester-long, credit-bearing courses that follow academic criteria applicable at Nazareth College.

Students interested in an internship may be placed with one of several Italian or international companies located in Pescara. Internship positions are available in the business sector and in non-profit organizations.

Internship appointments usually require a functional command of Italian, but companies often want to have students with good English speaking and writing skills. Any formal business courses or job experience will be a plus for students.

Students studying for the academic year (2 semesters) can be placed into an internship that more accurately reflects their professional interests. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Coordinator of the Pescara Program to discuss their specific interests.

Interested students should contact Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander at: 389-2688

Fall Semester Schedule

Departure: Early September

Leave Rochester by regular scheduled flight to Rome. Students will take a pronto bus from the Fiumicino airport to Pescara. Transportation from the station to the assigned apartment will be provided.

Mid September: Erasmus begins

Early October: Weekend trip to Venice

Early November: Weekend trip to Florence

Late November: Weekend trip to Rome

Early December: Fall semester final exams

Mid December: End of semester

Departure of students

Spring Semester Schedule

Departure: End of January

Leave Rochester by regular scheduled flight to Rome. Students will take a pronto bus from the Fiumicino airport to Pescara. Transportation from the station to the assigned apartment will be provided.

Early February: Erasmus begins

Mid March: Weekend trip to Venice for the celebration of Carnevale. (Week before Lent.)

Mid April: Weekend trip to Rome for Holy Week

Early May: Weekend trip to Florence

Late May: Spring semester final exams

End of May: End of spring semester

Departure of students

Summer Program

Nazareth College sponsors a five-week Summer Program in Pescara, with excursions to Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena, Pisa, Pompeii, Herculaneum, the Amalfitan Coast and Capri. Participants in the program will register for two courses and earn a total of six credit hours. Students need not know Italian to participate in this program.

Students selected for the program pay a program fee which includes lodging and meals at the place of residence, and all the excursions related to the program. The cost of the tuition and airfare are additional expenses.

About Pescara

Situated on the Adriatic coast at the mouth of the valley of the river of the same name, Pescara is the most highly populated town in the region.

This region of the peninsular Italy, stretching between the central Apennines and the Adriatic coast, is in the area defined by the mouths of the rivers Tronto to the north and Trigno to the south. Of medium size, it borders the Marche to the north, Lazio to the west, and Molise to the south, while to the east lies the Adriatic Sea. Abruzzo is one of the most sparsely populated regions of Italy, and its population density is considerably lower than the national average.

The climate of Abruzzo is affected by the altitude of the mountains. The Adriatic side of Apennines is characterized by an average annual temperature fluctuating between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius. The precipitation on the mountains exposed to the influence of the Tyrrhenian Sea can exceed 1700mm/year. Snowfall on the mountains is generally heavy. The region even has a small glacier, the only one in the Apennines.

In ancient pre-Roman times, the area of Pescara was known as Aternum, and settled by the Vestini and Marrucini, ancient Italic people. Later, Aternum grew into a successful port under the Romans. Following the later Barbarian invasions and the Byzantine domination, the geographical center was destroyed by the Lombards of the north, then founded again as Piscaria, for the abundance of fish in its waters. In 1140, it was conquered by the Normans, sharing historical events with the Kingdom of Naples. It was united with Italy in 1860 and became the provincial capital in 1927. Worth visiting are: "La figlia di lorio," the painting by Micheletti, preserved in the Palazzo del Governo, G.d 'Annunzio's house, and the Tempio Nazionale della Conciliazione (modern temple). The Viale della Riviera waterfront is very beautiful, and nearby stands the "Pineta Dannunziana" (d'Annunzio pinewood).

As far as the economy is concerned, industry in town has greatly developed this century, facilitated also by the availability of hydroelectric power and by adequate road and rail connections. The industrial area presently extends along Val Pescara towards Chieti. Textiles, clothing, foods, engineering, chemicals and building materials are particularly flourishing sectors. The town is also an important administrative and commercial center, and the beauty of its beaches attracts large numbers of tourists.

Events: Jazz Festival (July-August), Prose season, Premio Ennio Flaiano di teatro, letteratura, cinema e televisione (a prize for cinema literature and TV - July).

Famous People: Gabriele d'Annunzio (poet, man of letters and patriot, 1863-1938). Basilio Cascella (artist, 1860-1950), Ennio Flaiano (writer and scenarist, 1910-1972).

Cultural Institutions: University, Conservatory, Library, State Archives, Museo Civico B. Cascella, Museo delle Tradizioni Popolari (museums), Archeological exhibition in the house of G d'Annunzio.

In the Province: Caramanico Terme (spa), Montesilvano Marina (seaside resort), Penne (environmental interest), Bussi sul Tirino (chemical industry), and Sant'Eufemia a Maiella (mountain tourism).

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