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Each year thousands of students travel to Hungary to study and live the European experience. Hungary is familiar with accepting a multitude of cultures through its borders.  It is a country that is geographically positioned at the crossroads of four different cultures, including the Byzantine, Slavic, Latin, and Germanic cultures.

Hungary offers exciting possibilities to discover a city rich in history and culture.  The Hungarian education system is known for its excellence and is recognized all around the world.  Hungary offers a multitude of options so that one can get acquainted with the European culture and learn more about the world.  At Nazareth College, we partner with three Hungarian universities:

  • University of Pannonia
  • University of Pécs 
  • Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Sciences

Is Hungary on your radar for study abroad locations?  Would you like to experience all that Hungary has to offer?  If so, please view the websites to the left to find out more information about our specific programs.

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