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L'Université de Rennes 2


Please download the application here.


Please contact:
Kathleen Hansen
Assistant Director 
Overseas Studies & Exchanges
Phone: (585) 389-2673
Office: G-119

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L'Université de Rennes 2

L'Université de Rennes 2 has one of the best international student programs in France, with strong student support to help adjust to the new academic and cultural life. Rennes is rich in tradition and history and is known for its religious art and Celtic mysticism. It has numerous major cultural events to fit student needs: the International Music and Jazz festival, a National Theatre and annual festivals. It is only a 90 minute train ride from Paris. The old European character of the city makes it a comfortable place to live and learn about French culture. Students can easily go by public transportation or on foot from their homes to the university area, to their internship sites and to surrounding shops. Students interested in an internship may be placed with one of several major French companies located in Rennes. Internship positions are available in the business sector and in non-profit organizations. Internship appointments usually require a functional command of French, but companies often want to have students with good English speaking and writing skills. Any formal business courses or job experience will be a great advantage for students entering the corporate world in their future careers.

Program Details

Application Deadlines


Costs and Financial Aid

Students pay Nazareth College tuition and retain their full Nazareth financial aid packages (excluding work study).

Students are responsible for paying for on campus room and board.

Living Accommodations

The Nazareth Rennes Program houses all students in dormitories on campus for the University’s regular fee.

Travel Visa and Other Documents

Once you have been accepted to the program, l'Université de Rennes 2 will contact you with visa application procedures.

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