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International Education Week Recap

Manilak Pui Souvannakham
Ales-i Ask Sufi

In November, the Center for International Education hosted a week of enthusiastically-received events for International Education Week. An Evening of International Culture and Cuisine in the forum featured performance by students including, among others, Manilak Pui Souvannakham (Laos) (top right)  and French exchange students Alexandre Delecroix, Alexandre Fabris, and Antoine Audoly (below). On November 10, whirling dervishes from the Ales-i Ask Sufi music group enchanted an audience in the Linehan Chapel (lower right). Winners of the CIE photo contest, Christine Perrotti (for her photos of Kenya) and Sara Catalano (for her Russian photos), accepted their awards at a study abroad reception later in the week. Students who studied in Kenya and Russia also gave presentations on their time abroad as part of the week’s festivities.


French Exchange Students
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