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Global Beat - Spring 2010

Spring 2010 Masthead

George EisenDear Friends,

The pace of activities this spring in the CIE is intense, as we work with our international students, guide Nazareth students who wish to travel abroad for work and study, and, at the same time, explore new programs in which it would be beneficial for the College to participate. We continue to engage our global connections in a conversation about the value of international education, and this conversation, as always, brings great benefits. We have new international connections in Russia and France, and have expanded our fruitful relationship with Leeds Metropolitan in the U.K. We are anticipating hosting new summer leadership institutes this year, in collaboration with the U.S. State Department, for Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. We also hope to once again host students from Afghanistan.

In alignment with U.S. policy aimed at fostering and supporting friendships with the Muslim world, we are setting up strategic alignments with Middle Eastern universities such as Sakarya University, a highly respected and well-established institution in Turkey, and Galillee College, an institute focused on international management training, in Israel. These alliances open up windows into new worlds for our own students, and offer opportunities for revenue-generating programs and exchanges with students, faculty, and staff from these world-class institutions.

Within our regular academic system, there are also students from many Muslim countries such as Indonesia, (which has the world's largest population of Muslims), who offer a broader world view to our students while they engage with our Nazareth community. These students offer a richness of experience that benefits all at the College, and they are a vital part of our campus community.

Dr. George Eisen
Executive Director, Center for International Education

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