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International Studies

Casa Italiana

The academic mission of Nazareth College for all students, undergraduate and graduate, promotes broad-based education about the world and respect for the values of other cultures at home and abroad. The "Global Course" requirement emphasizes knowledge and understanding of non-western cultures.

Academic Programs

Dual-Degree Nursing Program

The Nursing Department offers one of the only dual-degree programs in the United States. The four-year licensure program emphasizes transcultural nursing which allows graduates to work in a wide variety of settings to provide culturally sensitive care to clients. This unique dual-degree program  prepares students with the breadth of knowledge that characterizes the well-educated professional, training students to meet the demands of a changing society and obtain leadership positions in the health care field. Learn more.

Global Education Courses

All matriculated undergraduate students enroll in at least one of many courses that qualify as "Global" courses. Every undergraduate is introduced to significant issues of culture from the eyes of others in the world. Emphasis is placed on specifically non-Western values and experiences.

Inter-Cultural Teacher Education Programs

Student teaching in international settings for Initial Teacher Certification (NYS): Wales, Ireland, Navaho Nation. Learn more.

International Business Minor

A Business, Economics and Management minor to accompany a non-business major; includes: International Business Economics International Marketing; intermediate level (2 semesters) of a foreign language; 2 related electives courses. Learn more.

International Studies Major

The INS major is a highly structured interdisciplinary major designed to achieve three academic goals: to educate students in the theoretical, substantive, and ethical dimensions of both the methods through which nations interact; to discover problems that affect the world as a single unit; to develop in each student a recognition and understanding of cultures outside Anglo-America. Learn more.

Foreign Languages and Literatures Majors

The Foreign Languages and Literatures Department offers four language and literature majors: French; German; Italian; Spanish. Students may also choose to study other critical languages: Chinese; Japanese; Portuguese; Russian; Kiswahili. All department majors study at least one semester abroad. Learn more.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

TESOL programs at Nazareth College are committed to the preparation of professional educators whose expertise provides broad and rich support to the education of students from language backgrounds other than English. The program faculty recognizes the tremendous diversity of languages, cultures, learning styles and preferences and forms of knowledge which English Language Learners bring to their educational experiences, and celebrates that diversity as a resource to all learners. Learn more.

Extra-Curricular Programs

Foreign Language Houses International Cultural Events and Film Series

Four language house centers: Maison Francaise; German Cultural Center; Casa Hispana; Casa Italiana. Annual Cultural programs: annual open houses; film series; cultural dinners; plays; cultural tours; invited cultural artists and groups; language luncheon roundtables; multi-cultural sponsored events.

Music Department International Choir Tours

The Music Department organizes international choir trips to present the large Concert Choir in appearances abroad. Recent trips have included Italy (Sicily), and Mexico. Learn more.

United Nations Association of Rochester

The United Nations Association of Rochester is dedicated to strengthening the United Nations system and the role of the United States in that system. The UNAR and Nazareth College jointly host programs which promote and advance the goals of the United Nations Charter. Learn more.

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