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The Master of Arts degree in American Studies for International Students

About The Program

Undergraduate students who come to Nazareth will complete a five year degree program, with a first year to eighteen months spent in intensive English classes through the Center for International Education’s American Language Institute and classes in their major as they are able. If they pass an English language equivalency examination offered by the Center, they will stay on at the college and earn a degree in their chosen area of The College of Arts and Sciences.

Language Proficiency Requirements for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

TOEFL (Nazareth College Institution Code for TOEFL: 2511)

Normally, 79 (Internet-based) score with a minimum of 25 on the spoken language portion of the test is required.   However, students who do not meet the required score and who opt to enroll in the American Language Institute may be conditionally admitted to the College with approval of the CIE director and the director of their program of study.  They may obtain the necessary language proficiency through study and testing in American Language Institute programs, upon which time their conditional status will be removed and they will be fully admitted to the College.  Normally, students have 18 months from the time of enrollment in the American Language Institute to successfully achieve language proficiency.

The Master of Arts degree in American Studies for International Students

This program is a collaboration between Nazareth College and the University of Pannonia in Veszprém, Hungary.  This unique program combines study in Central Europe with study in the United States on issues in American Studies.
The program’s goal is to further explore the literature, music, history, politics and culture of America for international students who have studied some aspect of American history, language, literature, or culture as undergraduates and who are interested in deepening their understanding of American thought, culture and contemporary American society.
It also prepares those who wish to gain entry into applied fields such as education, government or international service. Emphasis for this program is placed on the role of globalization, and the need for cultural competencies and also on appreciation for American literature, art, the humanities and the social sciences.

Program Highlights

  1. The program provides international students with the opportunity to earn an American master’s
    degree from Nazareth College  at less expense. (Students can save as much as one-third of the tuition and living costs for the degree due to very low tuition
    rate and living costs in Hungary).
  2. The program prepares students to be active and informed members of their academic and professional communities, and to have a keen awareness of issues and trends in the US and of global factors in culture and politics.
  3. Students learn about the United States from both an American and a European/international perspective and do master’s level work in both the U.S. and
    the E.U
  4. The program is flexible: There is a one-year or a two-year option for students to complete their program of study.

The master’s degree is granted by Nazareth College.
For detailed information and the application for this master program go to


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