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About The Program

Undergraduate students who come to Nazareth will complete a five year degree program, with a first year to eighteen months spent in intensive English classes through the Center for International Education’s American Language Institute and classes in their major as they are able. If they pass an English language equivalency examination offered by the Center, they will stay on at the college and earn a degree in their chosen area of The College of Arts and Sciences.

Language Proficiency Requirements for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

TOEFL (Nazareth College Institution Code for TOEFL: 2511)

Normally, 79 (Internet-based) score with a minimum of 25 on the spoken language portion of the test is required.   However, students who do not meet the required score and who opt to enroll in the American Language Institute may be conditionally admitted to the College with approval of the CIE director and the director of their program of study.  They may obtain the necessary language proficiency through study and testing in American Language Institute programs, upon which time their conditional status will be removed and they will be fully admitted to the College.  Normally, students have 18 months from the time of enrollment in the American Language Institute to successfully achieve language proficiency.

For Undergraduates**
Full Time Tuition
Part Time Tuition
$597 per credit hour
Room and Board
 Fees  $1,100
Nazareth tuition is $2000 less than the US national average for private colleges and $5,000 less than the average for New York State private colleges.
Graduate Student**

$710 credit hour


Costs per semester are about $5,000 less than undergraduate costs since students pay per each credit earned.

Estimated costs for the American Language Institute:**

Fall Semester Costs**
Tuition: $4,200 (ESL only)
Dormitory: $2,980
Meals:  $2,380
Activity Fee:  $130
 Books & Supplies:  $500


Summer 2011 Costs**


3 Week Program $1950
5 Week Program
7 Week Program $3950


This includes class instruction, room, and board (partial*).  Single room is $300 extra.

*Partial board includes meals Monday through Friday.  Weekend meals, books, transportation outside of planned cultural events, and personal items and supplies are the responsibility of the student.

** Subject to change each year

Tuition for undergraduate courses outside of the American Language Institute is an additional cost calculated on a per-credit basis

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