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The Center for International Education (CIE)

About The Program

Undergraduate students who come to Nazareth will complete a five year degree program, with a first year to eighteen months spent in intensive English classes through the Center for International Education’s American Language Institute and classes in their major as they are able. If they pass an English language equivalency examination offered by the Center, they will stay on at the college and earn a degree in their chosen area of The College of Arts and Sciences.

Language Proficiency Requirements for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

TOEFL (Nazareth College Institution Code for TOEFL: 2511)

Normally, 79 (Internet-based) score with a minimum of 25 on the spoken language portion of the test is required.   However, students who do not meet the required score and who opt to enroll in the American Language Institute may be conditionally admitted to the College with approval of the CIE director and the director of their program of study.  They may obtain the necessary language proficiency through study and testing in American Language Institute programs, upon which time their conditional status will be removed and they will be fully admitted to the College.  Normally, students have 18 months from the time of enrollment in the American Language Institute to successfully achieve language proficiency.

The Center for International Education (CIE)

The Center for International Education at Nazareth College is the cornerstone of the college's commitment to international education. Established in 2002, CIE is fully committed to guide and support international students, and to assist with problems, from visa procedures to internship  support. This ability, combined with a vast knowledge of immigration law and its rapidly changing policies, makes the CIE the best source of information and assistance for Nazareth's international student community.

  • CIE’s American Language Institute offers intensive English programs for international students preparing for graduate or undergraduate studies,  or who wish to further investigate the English-speaking world. These English programs include short-term summer programs, semester and year-long programs.  International students will receive intensive instruction in the four components of language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  In addition, the Institute is able to provide customized training in Business English and American Corporate Management.

  • CIE recently partnered with the College of  Arts and Sciences to open a new five-year undergraduate  program in many majors for International Students. Qualified international students will be accepted by the American Language Institute into selective degree programs at Nazareth College.  After coming to the College, students will undergo intensive English training and cultural immersion for eight weeks in the summer and during their first year at the College. After their summer courses and during their first year of training, students have two opportunities to take a comprehensive English examination in order to proceed with their degree program.

Detailed information about the application for English programs and the five-year program.

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