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TESOL Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages for International Educators

About The Program

Undergraduate students who come to Nazareth will complete a five year degree program, with a first year to eighteen months spent in intensive English classes through the Center for International Education’s American Language Institute and classes in their major as they are able. If they pass an English language equivalency examination offered by the Center, they will stay on at the college and earn a degree in their chosen area of The College of Arts and Sciences.

Language Proficiency Requirements for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

TOEFL (Nazareth College Institution Code for TOEFL: 2511)

Normally, 79 (Internet-based) score with a minimum of 25 on the spoken language portion of the test is required.   However, students who do not meet the required score and who opt to enroll in the American Language Institute may be conditionally admitted to the College with approval of the CIE director and the director of their program of study.  They may obtain the necessary language proficiency through study and testing in American Language Institute programs, upon which time their conditional status will be removed and they will be fully admitted to the College.  Normally, students have 18 months from the time of enrollment in the American Language Institute to successfully achieve language proficiency.

TESOL Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages for International Educators

The goal of master’s degree in TESOL for International Educators (ITSL) at Nazareth College is to train and equip aspiring candidates to become competent and confident ESL (English as a second Language)/EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers and develop critical and creative thinkers as well as efficient and reflective practitioners. The ITSL program’s curriculum is guided by a multi-faceted understanding of language instruction and designed to reflect the current knowledge and effective practices to meet the academic, personal and social needs of the candidates. Courses emphasize TESOL methodology, linguistics, second language acquisition, intercultural/cross-cultural education, curriculum design and assessment, instructional technology in TESOL and a variety of instructional practices. Students are provided opportunities to a balanced learning and supervised internship. Our graduates are skilled practitioners who are prepared with essential knowledge, skills and dispositions in TESOL.

Program Feature

  • Leads to a Master’s degree in TESOL recognized worldwide
  • Takes only one year to complete the degree (from late August to early August)
  • Is specially tailored to accommodate international students.
  • Has a state-of-art and comprehensive curriculum
  • Includes 8 required and 2 elective courses, and one of the required courses is a supervised internship
  • Offers both a smaller cohort with international students visiting the US and local American students and a range of classes with other Nazareth College graduate students.


  • Tuition: to complete the entire program, around $21,300 (currently $710 per credit, with slight increase annually)
  • Housing ($400-$800 per month)
  • Food ($100-$200 per month)

Future Opportunities/Career Path

  • Teach English back home
  • Teach English in other non-English speaking countries over the world
  • Further study in a doctoral program in close-by research institutions such as University of Rochester, State University at Buffalo, Cornell University and any other university in the US or around the world.

Admission Requirements

  • Complete a baccalaureate degree with good academic standing. (applicants with lower grades need to address it in Personal Statement).
  • Fill out application form
  • Submit an official transcript and degree with an evaluation from an educational agency such as WES (
  • Submit two letters of recommendation
  • Write a personal Statement
  • Have Test Scores (TOEFL 80/IELTS 6.5) (Note: applicants with lower scores may be accepted conditionally to study at Nazareth College’s American Language Institute before joining the master’s program)
  • Submit a financial statement
  • Complete a telephone interview
  • Rolling admission


Rui Cheng, Ph.D. Director, TESOL for International Educators


Cindy McPhail, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Language, Literacy and Technology




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