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Message from the Director

Dr. George Eisen


Nazareth College is moving toward the future as we step into the 21st century. It beckons us to accept new challenges and opportunities that present Nazareth College with a mandate to reach out to the global community. One of the central missions of Nazareth College is to respond to these challenges by building bridges between our campus, the region and the world.


Located strategically in upstate New York, close to Buffalo, Toronto and Montreal, Nazareth College has access to major industries and businesses, information technology and the centers of research and scholarship in the Northeast. This gives Nazareth College a distinct advantage in taking a prominent role in the international arena. With its growing and diverse student body, its innovative programs connecting College to community, it has developed alliances with universities and businesses across the world, to take a leading role in addressing global issues and advancing creative responses to 21st Century challenges. In short, Nazareth College has become a natural transit point between America and the world.

The Center for International Education defines, develops, and supports Nazareth College's commitment to its global goals and responsibilities. In addressing this mission, the Center for International Education promotes and maintains partnerships with every segment of the campus community, the business community, civic organizations and sister institutions around the world.

I extend an open invitation to you to join the Center for International Education in assisting Nazareth College to fulfill its commitment to the people of New York, the region, and the world, as we all promote global awareness, knowledge and understanding.

Dr. George Eisen
Executive Director

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