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Center for Interfaith Studies

The Brian and Jean Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue Communication Committee brings together area businesses and philanthropists to promote religious, ethnic, and cultural harmony and sensitivity for peaceful living. The committee strives to educate and promote the principles of respectful religious tolerance and goodwill amongst different faiths and religions, develop relationships between these different faith and ethnic communities, and provide the tools to support a peaceful coexistence between faith communities. They accomplish this through establishing dialogue, organizing talks, presentations, exhibits and workshops, and by providing financial resources to aid in establishing an environment of understanding and peace.

Communication Committee

• Syed A. Ahmad • Jim Gould
• Lynne Staropoli Boucher • Brian Hickey
• Belinda Brasley • Jean Hickey
• John Brasley • Susan Holliday
• Daan Braveman • Anne Howard
• Lauren Dixon • Tom Judson
• Mike Dixon • Dennis Kessler
• Brian Dwyer • Howard Konar
• Larry Fine • Nelson Leenhouts
• Eli Futerman • Susan Nowak
• Patricia Genther • Muhammad Shafiq
• Isobel Goldman  

The Hickey Center Planning Committee

• Najia Ahmad • Dr. Nathan Kollar
• Lynne Staropoli Boucher • Dr. Susan Nowak, SSJ
• Belinda Brasley • Dr. V. V. Raman
• Isobel Goldman • Rev. Gordon Webster
• Frank Howard, Esq. • Denise Yarbrough

 The Hickey Center Advisory Board

• Dr. David Anderson • Dr. Nathan Kollar
• Lynne Staropoli Boucher • Dr. Sarwat Malik
• Dr. Thomas Donlin-Smith • Dr. Susan Nowak, SSJ
• Jean Hickey • Dr. V. V. Raman
• Frank Howard, Esq. • Dr. Allison Stokes
• Rabbi Alan Katz • Rev. Gordon Webster
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