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Saturn2 transition to NAZ-FS1

All network shared folders which currently reside on Saturn2 will be permanently moved to NAZ-FS1 late in the evening on Thursday February 24th so that when you come in on Friday, February 25th all new network shares will be in the new location.  For Windows users you should have a mapped network drive “S” that points to the new share location. 

Why is this work being done?

This work is being performed to address some serious technical issues within the infrastructure.  The Saturn2 server is aging and needs a major operating system upgrade to continue to perform it's secondary function as a DNS server on the network.  NAZ-FS1 was put in place some time ago as the targeted transition for network shares, in fact several departments have already made the transition.  We are now finalizing the remaining shares in preparation for the changes that need to be made to Saturn2.

What do I need to do?

For Windows Desktop users, if possible please leave your computer ON and Logged Off when you leave campus on Thursday, February 24th.  We will be able to remotely run a program against your Windows machine to alter shortcuts that currently point to Saturn2 so that the shortcuts will point to the new location on NAZ-FS1.

For Windows Laptop users you will be able to call the Technology and Media Services desk at x2111 on Friday to request that the shortcut altering program be run on your machine.  As an work around you can go to My Computer and select the “S” drive to get to your information.

Most Macintosh users do not use aliases for Saturn2, however if you have aliases which currently point to Saturn2 you will need to delete these aliases and connect to fs1 as follows:

    1.    At the top of your desktop screen open the GO menu
    2.    Select Connect to Server
    3.    Enter the server address: smb://naz-fs1/group
    4.    Connect
    5.    Enter your Nazareth username and domain password (if you do not know your password contact the Technology and Media Service Desk at 389-2111
    6.    When connected, open the Group folder
    7.    You will find your folder(s) in the list. To create a “shortcut” you can drag the icon of the folder to the Places list to the far left of your open Finder window
    8.    In the future, you can open your fs1 folder from the Places menu in the Finder
    9.    You will also see the naz-fs1 in the Shared list. You can open and log out of the server from that location.

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