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How to add Recurring Events in Plone

The Nazareth 'Umbrella' site handles recurring events with a Event Grouping idiom. To make "recurring" events, you simply create a folder, following these instructions, and the homepage will display these events as if they were "grouped" or "recurring".

  1. Add a folder whose title and description apply to all of the grouped events. If you want it to display on the homepage, tag it appropriately.
    Adding a folder
  2. Add an event to the folder. If you want it to display on the homepage, tag it appropriately.
  3. If you don't have any more recurrences at this time, you can just publish everything, and the one event will show up, just like any other non-grouped event.
    Illustration of one event in a folder
  4. Each recurrence or grouped event should be added to the folder you created in step 1 and tagged appropriately.
    Showing events in a folder
  5. Grouped events will display "intelligently" on the homepage. The inclusion of the grouping will happen whenever one of the grouped events' start time is near to the current date/time, and the display will be slightly different depending on which events have come and gone, which events are published, and whether or not you're logged in as an editor. (in the second example, I deleted the 2012 event, for illustration purposes. This is similar to what would show up if you put in all of the sessions of a conference as separate events, for example.)
    Step 5: Demo on homepage
  6. By default, the link in the homepage events section will take you to the default view of the folder you created in step 1. For presentational purposes, you might wish to change this to, say, a detail flex page, or something else, like one of the events in that folder. (use the display → select a content item as default view menu option)
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