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Report A Problem

usl screen

Using the Service Desk Console to Report a Problem to ITS

  1. Go to http://usl; enter your network login. Select the Create a new incident link.
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Enter a Short Description of the problem being reported.
  4. Leave Category as "Break-Fix" if not sure, or open the drop down window to search for a specific match
  5. Which users does this problem Impact (normally this will just be you)
  6. Leave Computer Name as --[none]-- or select your computer from the dropdown menu
  7. You may add Attachments if a document is related to the incident report
  8. Use the Description window to go into as much detail as you can to help us understand the nature of the problem
  9. Select OK when you are ready to submit the form (or Cancel the report)
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