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Qualtrics: Nazareth College's New Survey Tool

Nazareth Qualtrics

Qualtrics: Nazareth College's New Survey Tool

In order to offer the Nazareth community a standardized and fully functional survey tool, Qualtrics has been selected for use by all faculty, staff and students.

 This is to replace the need for the myriad of survey solutions that individuals and departments have had to rely on in the past. There is no longer a need to use very basic free online survey tools, nor will you ever need to pay out of pocket or department funds for having a fully functional survey tool. You may also find this to be a great alternative to using Scantron paper forms. 

Any member of the Nazareth community with a Nazareth username/password can access Qualtrics and login as a "read-only" user. In order to utilize the tools for creating surveys, you will need to submit a request to have your "read-only" account status upgraded.  


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