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Lab & Smartroom Information

Computer Labs

Information Technology Services provides ten computer labs with local network and Internet access for Student, Faculty, and Staff use. There are a few discipline-specific labs that you might use depending on your major. Each lab has Dell computers running Windows XP and/or Macintosh computers using OS X.6. Hours for the labs are posted on each lab door.

Reserving Computer Labs

For events and occasional use:

  1. Go to Ad Astra.
  2. Select "Request an Event" from the prominent "Request a Room" box.
  3. Select and complete the lab request form.
  4. Select the date and time.
  5. Filter for all available labs.
  6. Select one, save, and submit.
  7. Receive an email notification in response.

For courses:
Through the Registrar's Office: 585-389-2800. The Registrar's Office will schedule labs as needed for regular classes. Other requests can go to Information Technology Services via Ad Astra. The administrator will approve the reservation if there are no conflicts, or contact the person making the reservation if there are conflicts.

Smartboards & Smartrooms

"Smartboard" is the brand name for the interactive whiteboards that are installed in some smartrooms and some computer labs on campus. Look in the link below to find the locations of Smartboards.

All Nazareth College Smartrooms are equipped with a PC with CD/DVD-ROM drive, ceiling-mounted projector, VCR, laptop connection, audio system, and Gyromouse cradle.

View Smartroom and Smartboard Locations.

Reserving a Smartroom

For events and occasional use:
Through the Event Planner's Office: 585-389-2018

For courses:
Through the Registrar's Office: 585-389-2800

Course schedule worksheets are given to department chairs each semester. Please note requests for a smart classroom on this worksheet.

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