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Telephones Help

For a RP312, RP240, RP624 and Optiset E Basic Transferring Calls

The transfer feature allows you to transfer a call to another extension number or to the college operator. Dial (0) to connect to the college operator during college business hours only. The connection between the caller and the person receiving the transferred call is complete when you hang up. You can announce the call to person you are transferring to if you wish, and the caller cannot hear you.

To transfer a call to another extension number:

* Press the TRANSFER button

* Listen for the pulse tone and the dial tone. Dial the extension number

* Wait for the answerer and announce the caller if you wish (or hang up when ringing starts)

* Hang Up to complete the transfer

Three-Way Calling (Conference Calling)

  • After connecting with the first party, press TRANSFER button * Listen for pulse tone followed by a steady dial tone and enter the second number, either an extension number or dial 9 for an outside number * When the second party answers, press CONFERENCE (or TRANSFER) and all three parties will now be connected.
  • Repeat to connect up to 8 parties.

Call Forward

To enter or change the destination number (on campus extensions only) to which you wish to forward all incoming calls:

* Listen for the dial tone and hit FORWARD.

* Listen for the second dial tone and enter the desired destination number followed by #, (the destination number will be the last four digits of an extension number on campus), then hang up

* You should get a quickly flashing light on your main extension line (this will reminder you that your calls are forwarded).

To deactivate Call Forward:

Leaving the receiver in the cradle, hit the FORWARD button. To forward calls to Voicemail:

(your phone will not ring and the caller will hear your no-answer greeting immediately), you can Call Forward to 3777.

Your phone is pre-set to forward calls into VoiceMail when it is busy or not answered. If you forward your phone to another number at any time, you must remember to deactivate forwarding when you want to resume the "normal" operation of phone ringing and automatic forwarding the Voicemail.

Station Speed Dialing

The station speed dialing feature lets you assign a single digit code to replace a long number sequence, for each of the 10 single digit codes (0 through 9). You can then dial a single digit code instead of dialing the entire sequence.

Setting Up or Changing a Station Speed Code: ON A DISPLAY PHONE (one with a small LCD display on the top)

* Lift the receiver and press PROGRAM

  • Press the STATION SPEED key or dial # # 3
  • Listen for the confirmation tone
  • Dial the station speed code (0 through 9)
  • Enter the digits you wish to dial (the extension number OR Dial (9) and an outside number)
  • Press the PROGRAM key again
  • Hang Up


* Press the STATION SPEED key or dial # # 3 * Enter the Station Speed code (0 through 9) * Enter the digits you wish to dial (the extension number OR Dial (9) and an outside number) * Hang Up

Placing a Station Speed Call:

* Lift the receiver

* Listen for the dial tone

* Hit STATION SPEED or Dial # 3

  • Dial the station speed code

For Optiset E Standard or Optipoint 500 Phones

Both Optiset E Standard and Optipoint 500 phones have a display and three navigation keys. The > and < keys will take you forward or backward to the next or previous option. The check mark key will select the option that is showing in the display. Please avoid experimenting with options that you are not sure about, as this may change the proper operation of your phone. Some convenient options are available to you to select from the display, and they will change depending on where you are in the calling process.

An Example

  • When you receive or originate a call, your display should automatically show "START TRANSFER >" (there is no longer a TRANSFER key). To TRANSFER the call, just hit the check mark key, and type the extension you want to transfer the call to. * When you call an external number and no one answers (phone still ringing), you should see SAVE NUMBER? Hit the check mark key and that ONE number will be stored. When you first pick up your receiver, you will see LAST NUMBER REDIAL? Hit the check mark key to call whatever number you called last (not necessarily the one stored above). To call the number you stored above, hit > once, and you should see SAVED NUMBER REDIAL hit the check mark key to dial the one number you saved above. * When you call an internal extension you will see CALLBACK? Do not use this feature when the phone rings and is unanswered, since the person you are calling will not generally understand handling the call. If you get a busy signal on an internal extension, you can use CALLBACK (hit the check mark key) and hang up. Both phones will ring when the other phone is free. If your CALLBACK light is lit, and you do not understand why, hit the CALLBACK button followed by the CLEAR button.

No Disturb

You probably have a NO DISTURB key (press to toggle ON/OFF). You can use this if you have people in your office and do not want the phone to ring it goes directly to voicemail. You can also use it when on vacation so your phone doesn't ring the caller gets to voicemail more quickly and will get your alternate (vacation) message if you have activated that in the voicemail system


To forward calls to another extension, pick up the handset, hit FORWARD, enter the extension FOLLOWED BY THE # key. To remove the forwarding, leave the handset down and hit the FORWARD button.


All of these phones are speakerphones, meaning you can hear and speak with the handset in the cradle. The Optipoint 500 has a SPEAKER button if you start the call with the handset, you can switch to speaker by hitting the speaker button and replacing the handset. The Optipoint 500 also has a MUTE button, to close the microphone for people in the room to have a private conversation. Lastly, the Optipoint 500 operates such that speaking is allowed even when the other party is talking. The Optiset E has a speaker and microphone, but not the other features above (a call starting on the handset cannot be switched to speaker, no MUTE, and there needs to be a pause in speaking for the microphone to work).

Speed Dial

SPEED DIAL is one digit dialing of frequently called numbers. To program SPEED DIAL:

* > Until you get PROGRAM/SERVICE then hit the check mark key

* > Until DESTINATIONS, then the check mark key

  • > Until SPEED DIAL FEATURES, then the check mark key
  • Enter the INDEX which is the one key 0-9 that you want to use for the speed dial
  • Enter DESTINATION, which is the number you want to dial (include starting 9, etc.).

Ringer Volume

To change the RINGER VOLUME or PITCH (tone):

* > Until you get PHONE SETTINGS then the check mark key

* > Until you get RINGER VOLUME or RINGER PITCH then the check mark key

* Use + and - keys to adjust

* Hit the check mark key when you have the setting you want


Calls to any numbers or to voicemail can be started with the handset still in the cradle, by simply starting to dial the number (or hit the phone mail button). There is no need to pick up the handset first OR hit the extension line key to get dial tone just start dialing. Once dialing is complete, you can pick up the handset (or leave it down for speakerphone operation).

Conference Call

To set up a CONFERENCE CALL, with internal or external parties

* Call the first party and wait for them to connect

* Hit > until you get START CONFERENCE, then the check mark key

* Enter the second number to call (internal extension or 9 + external number, LD code, etc.)

* When that party connects you should have CONFERENCE - Hit the check mark key

* All parties are connected

* You should then have ADD TO CONFERENCE - Hit the check mark key to add a party

* Dial the next party's number - when connected and you have CONFERENCE? Hit the check mark key

  • Repeat for up to 8 parties
  • Note: when all parties are connected anyone, including the originator, can hang up and the remaining parties stay connected
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