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T@N 2013: The Schedule of Events



8:30 to 9:00 AM
GAC 151  Fruit, Baked Goods and Beverages

Opening Speaker 

 9:00 to 10:00 AM
GAC Linehan Chapel   Mike McDougall: Keynote Address


10:10-11:00 AM 11:10 - Noon
GAC 51 1A - Social Media 101  1B - Innovative Moodle
GAC 53 2A - ID Theft 2B - College Recruitment
 and Yield
GAC 38 3A - Getting Started with Astra Schedule  3B - Collaboration@Naz
Peckham 306 4A - Webfiles, Zimbra Tips, Papercut 4B - Peckham Technology
Peckham 313 5A - iPads and AppleTV 5B - Ask a Librarian & ILLiad

T@N 2013 Session Descriptions

1A - Social Media 101

Steve Ransom
Not acquainted with Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, blogs, or wikis? This session is for the curious and uninitiated. Find out what these tools are, how they work, and what they can do for you and for your students.

2A - ID Theft

Joaquin Aymerich
This program will provide information on personal and institutional practices to protect, deter and defend against ID Theft.

3A - Getting Started with Astra Schedule

Andy Morris, Charlie Loray, Mike Scalise and Jean Hoyt
Learn how to effectively use Nazareth's campus-wide scheduling software--Astra Schedule. Topics include: an introduction to Astra Schedule, how to find and request open rooms around campus, and miscellaneous tips for making the most out of the software.

4A - Using Webfiles and Zimbra Tips (with an introduction to Papercut)

Greg Dec
We will cover how to use the new Webfiles service for large file transfers-including using links in email messages. This will segue into other Zimbra tips and tricks, including how to manage your storage space. Time permitting, there will be a brief introduction of the Papercut print management system.

5A – iPads and Apple TV

Heather Ames Lewis

Interested in teaching without being tethered to the computer? This presentation will show how instructors can used their iPads for dynamic instruction in classrooms equipped with Smart technology. All that is required is an iPad, Apple TV and an HDMI connector. Time for discussion, practice, problem solving and idea sharing will be included.

1B - Innovative Moodle

David Steitz, Jim Black, Emily Carpenter, and Stephanie Zamule

This session features best practices at Nazareth - new Moodle activity structures and resources professors are using in their courses: Video that supports student learning, and Naz technology that supports video; Workshops for student collaboration and peer review; Glossaries and Choice (voting) activities; and Resources such as an opening graphic, use of color and consistency, incorporation of textbook materials, and challenging discussion prompts.

2B - An Introduction to Using Webinars at Nazareth College: The Journey from Idea to Implementation

Judy Baker, Tonya Guzman

This how-to presentation will describe how Nazareth College's Graduate Admissions Office started with an idea for creating webinars for graduate student recruitment (prospect information sessions) and to increase yield (accepted students). Follow the steps from an idea to implementation. The presenters will share their experiences from research/benchmarking to planning to launch. Discuss stakeholder considerations, marketing and successes/challenges in demonstrating how webinars can compliment prospective student and yield activities.

3B – Collaboration @ Naz

Liz Zapata
In this session we will explore best practices and the some of the tools we use in our department to collaborate and communicate with colleagues and students across campus. We'll give brief overview of of how to get started with Active Collab, what is Google Drive and why a SMUG is good for you. We'll also look at some innovative uses of new social media platforms like Pinterest and Edmodo and how students are using them to collaborate in new and exciting ways.

4B - Peckham Hall Technology - Smart Boards / Huddle Boards

Kelly Hutchison
We have 100 Smartrooms with 37 Smartboards and 3 CopyCams (used with the Huddle boards). We also have 15 computer labs (10 or more computers) with 5 Smartboards. This session will focus on how the equipment is used for teaching and learning with the science and education department. Time for discussion, problem solving and idea sharing will be included.

5B - Ask a Librarian! & ILLiad

Jennifer Burr, Christine Sisak

Ask a question, search for information, explore the universe and beyond. Tour Ask a Librarian! Found what you need, but Nazareth doesn't own it? Demystify the world of ILL and Document Delivery with ILL Librarian, Christine Sisak. Learn how to register, tips for using Grad Assistants, request Naz owned materials, renew and more!

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