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Colleague Help

Changing Your Colleague password

In order to ensure security, Colleague passwords expire after 90 days. Log into Colleague, using the UI interface. Go to XPWD, available from the main CA, CF, HR and ST menus, to change your password. If you have forgotten your old password, call the IT Service Desk to have your password reset. Be prepared to provide additional information to confirm your identity.

Reporting problems or requesting information

If you are having problems with Colleague screens or processes, call the IT Service Desk. They will tell you if there is a global issue. If the problem or request for information is specific, they will assist you in submitting a ticket, which will be forwarded to the appropriate ITS team member. For non-emergencies, you will be contacted within 24 hours.

Account Termination

ITS receives notification of employee terminations, in an automated process, from Human Resources, the Facilities Department, Food Services or from the hiring department in the case of student workers. Access to the Colleague account is denied beginning with the date of termination.

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