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For a video Tutorial on Reserving a lab in Ad Astra Click Here.

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Lab Reserve Using Astra

Computer labs are scheduled through the Astra scheduler. Once in the Astra scheduler you can complete the entire process without having to log in.

To Request a Computer Lab reservation

1. On the Astra Portal Page (Portal Tab) select the Request an Event link.

2. Enter a Title for this request, select the Lab Reserve Form from the dropdown menu, and then click Next.

3. Fill in the form with the appropriate information, then click Add/Remove Meetings

4. On the Astra Schedule - Event Request page select the date and time of the event.

5. Click Add Meeting (or Add Recurring Meeting). Your event will appear at the top right of the page.

6. To search for and select a computer lab, click Request Rooms. (Take note of the Building which is being displayed.)

7. To search for a computer lab in a different building, click Edit Filter.

8. Select All or another building in the dropdown menu, then click Search Rooms.

9. This will display computer labs and their availability based on your new filtering.

10. Select the computer lab you wish to reserve and click Save and Update Request.

11. Click Submit Request

12. Click Done

You will receive a confirmation in your email when the request has been received.

You will receive an additional email message when action has been taken on your request.

To view the Lab Reserve Calendar from within Astra scheduler:

1. From the Astra portal page Select the CALENDARS tab.

2. There are three views of the calendar (Calendar, Grid, List). For ease of viewing select the Grid view.

3. To view just the computer labs, click the Filter arrow to open up the dropdown menu.

4. Select Daily Lab Reserve View.

5. The Astra Schedule Calendar page appears displaying only Computer Labs.

6. Click the Calendar icon next to the displayed date to select the date you wish to view.

7. The Astra Schedule Calendar page appears displaying (in grid layout) the scheduled events for that day in each lab.

8. From the Calendar view you can now begin the process of reserving a computer lab by clicking Request Event (as per above).

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