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Telephones - Student Information

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Telephones general Info

With the increased popularity of personal cell phones, students are using their in-room phone lines with less frequency. Due to this trend, Information Technology Services will be providing in-room local phone access as an opt-in service.

If you wish to have your in-room phone line activated prior to your arrival, please contact the Technology and Media Service Desk at (585)-389-2111. Please be sure to leave your full name, residence hall and room number. The Desk will be able to give you the extension number assigned to your room over the phone. Please note that Nazareth College only provides an analog phone jack. You must supply your own analog phone.

The College has its own internal telephone system or "CBX"- a ROLM 9751. Users can dial any on-campus phone by dialing the four-digit extension number from on campus or "389" plus the extension number from off campus. The extension number for your phone appears on the faceplate. If not, it can be obtained by calling the operator (dial 0) and asking for the number you are dialing FROM. If you do not have a telephone system handbook explaining all of the features of your phone, contact IT Service Desk at ext. 2111.

Telephone Service
All offices and dorm rooms are equipped with a blue phone jack. Occupied offices will generally also have a digital phone available. All of the digital phones which have a mailbox associated with them should have a PHONEMAIL or MAILBOX light that lights up when you have voicemail waiting.

From your office or from any extension on campus you can reach any other extension on campus, including dorm rooms, administrative offices, faculty offices, student services, etc. by dialing the four digit extension. The same phones can be reached from off campus by dialing (585) 389-XXXX, where XXXX is the extension number. You can reach Security's emergency only number, from on campus, by dialing 3333. Nazareth is also equipped with blue light emergency phones that ring automatically to Security at various locations around campus. For non-emergencies, you can reach the Security Office from on or off campus by dialing 389-2850 (or just 2850 on campus)

The main Nazareth number is 585-389-2525. If you are having trouble with your phone, you may call ext. 3490 (the Maintenance Hot Line) to report it. If you need to have the phone moved or removed or a feature changed, or you are having trouble with a feature or have a question, you may call IT Service Desk at ext. 2111.

Telephone Dialing

Dial from Phones on Campus

  1. Campus Calls (including residence halls): Dial the extension number
  2. Local Off Campus Calls: Dial 9 + the local number
  3. Long Distance: Dial 9+ area code and number (requires long distance code)

All phones can dial on campus.
Most phones can dial off campus.
Many phones cannot dial long distance without operator assistance.
All phones require a code for long distance.

Student Voicemail

Each residence hall room has one voicemail box. The following link will help you setup your CallXpress voicemail box. Please remember that your must have your phone line activated before you can setup your voicemail box. Please call the Technology and Media Service Desk at x2111 if you need assistance.

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