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NazNet Help

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NazNet Help

How do I access my NazNet account?

You may locate your NazNet username and password by following these steps:

  1. Go to Click on "NazNet" under Quicklinks at the top of the page
    Go directly to
  2. Click on "I'm new to NazNet", at the bottom, left side of the screen. Click "OK" to start the four steps.
  3. "What's my User Id?" - Enter both your last name and your Social Security Number or both your last name and your seven-digit Naz ID.
  4. "Select an e-mail address" - Your NazNet username is displayed. Choose your address from the pull-down box.
  5. "Check E-mail" - Go to you e-mail account to retrieve your temporary password.
  6. "Log In" - Log in with your NazNet username and the temporary password. As a security measure, you will be asked immediately to change the password.

How do I reset my NazNet Password?

  1. Go to (MyNaz) if you need to reset your password. You can also access this page by visiting the Quicklinks menu on the Naz homepage and clicking on "MyNaz Password Help"
  2. Log in to Google Apps (to retrieve your NazNet password
  3. Return to NazNet and login with the temporary password that was just sent to your e-mail in step #2.
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