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MyCourse@Naz Moodle for Students

Moodle on Atomic Learning

Visit the AtomicLearning website for dozens of video tutorials to help you learn about Moodle.

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Use the student username: nazstudent
Use the student password: learn

The Moodle Learning Management System

MyCourses@Naz Moodle is our learning management system. Empty course shells are created and made available to instructors to use as they see fit. Instructors who choose to offer course content in Moodle will inform their students as to what content will be available and provide basic instructions on how to utilize Moodle to access these features. The following FAQs should help guide you through your use of MyCourses@Naz Moodle.

Frequently Asked Moodle Questions

How do I access and login to my Moodle Account?

A Moodle link can be accessed from the Quicklinks dropdown list at the Nazareth homepage
MyCourses@naz Moodle can be located directly at

Your username and passwords are the same as for other Nazareth systems and will give you access to either site. Once logged in, you will find your courses listed on the front page.

How do I access my courses?

After logging in to Moodle, look for My Courses on the left side of the page. Courses in which you are enrolled will appear in the list whether your instructor is using Moodle or not. Some of these course links will lead to empty course shells if your instructor is not using Moodle.

What if I cannot find my course(s)?

Try these options:

  1. Be sure you are looking for the right course name. Every course is listed with a long (descriptive) and a short(course ID) name.
  2. Contact your instructor to be sure you are on their official roster.
  3. Ask the instructor to be sure the course has been made available for student access. Instructors sometimes make courses temporarily unavailable while they are working on the course. This will temporarily remove it from your list of Moodle courses. However, you are still enrolled.
  4. If none of the above helps, contact the Technology and Media Service Desk.

What if I find my course, but there is nothing in the course when I open it?

There is an empty course shell created for every Nazareth course. However, it is up to individual instructors to decide if and how to use the Moodle course shell. If your course appears empty, contact the instructor to find out whether or not Moodle will be used, and if so, how.

It is also possible that your instructor may have consolidated sections, and you have been unofficially moved into another section where the content can be found. This is sometimes done in labs where there are several sections of the same course. Again, check with your instructor.

Does it matter whether I use a Mac or a Windows computer? What about choosing a Browser?

Moodle is web based. It is more dependent on the appropriate browser than the kind of computer or operating system. As for Mac/Windows, just understand how to download, open, and upload documents on your computer, as these are the most common problems users experience.
Every browser has its own idiosyncrasies. Internet Explorer is known to have caused users difficulty during the uploading and downloading of documents, so we do not recommend using it at this time.
Always try to update whatever browser you choose to use so that it is running the most recent and secure versions available. If you appear to be having problems doing something in one of your Moodle courses, try using a different browser. This quite often corrects the problem.

Why am I not receiving email sent by my instructor from the Moodle course?

This is a very tricky problem to resolve. In the vast majority of cases, it is because either:

  • the Spam filter is catching this email and placing it in the student's Spam folder


  • the student is having Nazareth Gmail forwarded to another email client, and the Spam filters or other security in place is blocking the messages from being forwarded or opened in the other email client.

In the first case, open your spam filter and look for the missing mail. If it is there, use the Help section of Gmail to remove this setting to prevent future blocking.

In the second case, you will need to track down where the stoppage is occurring and try to resolve that. Generally this is not something that the Technology and Media Service desk can help you resolve. It is your responsibility if you have chosen to use mail forwarding.

What should I do if I am in Moodle and something isn't working properly?

There are four basic possibilities

  1. a problem with your computer
  2. a problem with your browser
  3. a problem with your internet connection
  4. a problem in Moodle

Before calling for help, try the following suggestions. They usually resolve most problems:

  • Refresh the page (usually an icon near the address bar).
  • Log out and log back in to Moodle.
  • Close the browser and log back in after re-opening the browser.
  • Reboot your computer or try from a different computer.
  • Try changing browsers. Using Firefox? Try Internet Explorer. IE? Try Chrome.
  • Call the Technology and Media Services Desk at 585-389-2111 to seek help and/or report the problem.

How do I Submit Assignments Electronically or Upload Documents to Moodle?

  1. Open an assignment and complete the task, creating a document.
  2. Click Upload this file button (the “drop box”)
  3. Either drag and drop the document into the files submission box, or select Add… to bring up the File Picker
  4. If you are using the File Picker instead of drag and drop, select Upload a file at the top of the left column (or Google Docs or Dropbox if your document is stored in those repositories)
  5. Complete the next steps just as you would upload any file or attachment to an email or other site: Choose File / locate it on your computer / Upload this file
  6. The uploaded file will now appear in the File submissions box. Save changes
  7. Confirmation that this was successful will appear next. Review the Submission status.
    1. If your instructor enabled only ONE submission per student, the “Edit my submission” button will not appear.
    2. If your instructor enabled separate links for uploading drafts as opposed to final submission for grading, you may find different buttons for each.

My Navigation or Settings Block have disappeared! Where did they go?

You may have inadvertently "DOCKED" the block(s). When you "dock" a block you move it off of the page and replace it with a tab of the same name on the far left margin of your page. It is still a functioning block, but it is hidden from view until you either "mouse" over it to bring it up as a popup window, or click the little blue bar in the header to return it to its visible state on the page.

Docking enables you to customize your page layout by moving the blocks on your course pages. Watch this video to learn why you might want to do this and how it is done. Docking Blocks

Can I Use a Mobile Device to Access my Moodle courses?

Moodle is web based, so if you can access the internet on your device, you can access Moodle. MyCourses@Naz is more mobile friendly as there are ways to manipulate the screen views that are not possible in the older Moodle 1.9. There are also two different Moodle mobile Apps that are presently being tested. More information on this will be available in the future.

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