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Great News for Naz! 

You can now login to AtomicLearning with your Nazareth Username/Password!

That's news we have been waiting a long time to hear. Just visit the AtomicLearning site using this link and you can access the thousands of video tutorials within your own personal AL account.

Online and on-demand, Atomic Learning creates flexible training opportunities with instant access to answers on common “how to” questions, and step-by-step training workshops and projects. 
Ready to get started?

Find an Answer to a Tech Question 

    • The Find an Answer to a Tech Question area allows you to quickly find the answer to a specific how-to technology question. 
    • Type your question or keywords into the text field. 
    • Set any filters you’d like to use in the dropdown menus below. 
    • By checking the box next to ‘View only preferred filters’ you may limit result to your preferred training. 
    • Click the ‘Search’ button. 
    • The resulting list contains application titles. Click an application title to expand the list and displaying individual lessons, then click a lesson title to view the tutorial in the player window. 

Browse Available Training & Projects 

The Browse Training and Projects area allows you to quickly access available resources with a few simple clicks and browse all available training topics. 


      • Atomic Learning offers a complete training library of show-and-tell training tutorials on over 205 of the most common applications. 
      • Training on accessibility and 50+ assistive technology tools is also available. 
      • To access the tutorial library, check the ‘Tutorials’ box. 


      • Workshops offer an in-depth look at a concept or tech-related topic. 
      • Access a full list of available topics by checking the ‘Workshop’ box.  


      • Atomic Learning projects illustrate how to use and apply technology. 
      • To access Atomic Learning’s selection of projects, check ‘Projects’. 
      • To view a complete list of projects, click the ‘Find’ button, or filter projects using the available dropdown menus before clicking ‘Find’. 
      • Extra projects and the ability to search by state and ISTE® NETS-S standards are available if your subscription includes the 21st Century Skills Add-on.  


      • Training Spotlights provide a structured training path so you can quickly find workshops, projects and tutorials related to the focused topic you desire.
      • The button at the top of the ‘Browse Available Training & Projects’ module features a Spotlight topic. 
      • Each Spotlight includes a brief video. Start by viewing this topic overview, and then simply follow the steps on the right of the page.  
      • Access a full list of available topics by checking the ‘Spotlights’ box. 
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