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Peckham Hall

Peckham Hall

The Integrated Center for Math and Science provides state-of-the art space for Nazareth's programs to create critical hands-on, evidence-based educational experiences and collaborative learning.

Environmental Initiatives

Peckham Hall is the first LEED certified green building in Pittsford and features two green roof gardens. Learn more.

Peckham Hall, home of the Integrated Center for Math and Science, will play an instrumental role in leading the way for Nazareth students to receive the very best in math and science education, enabling the College to increase the number of students who pursue majors in science and math fields, as well as those who pursue careers as health and human services professionals and teachers of math and science. The center features state-of-the-art labs for instruction and research, classrooms, and spaces designed to support collaboration between students and faculty. 

  • Labs

    Peckham Hall houses 20 labs to serve biology, anatomy, pre-medical, chemistry, physics, math, computing and ecology. Learn more.

  • Classrooms

    The center features eight large classrooms with flexible space to accommodate a variety of teaching needs. Learn more.

  • Research Areas

    In the new facility, students and faculty have room to conduct sophisticated experiments that contribute to the knowledge that shapes our world. Learn more.

  • Collaboration

    Some rooms in the building are designed specifically to facilitate collaboration for a truly interdisciplinary education. Learn more.

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