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Preventing Workplace Harassment

Assisting Faculty and Staff with recognizing and preventing unlawful harassment is a necessary component of the College’s continuing effort to maintain an environment free of harassment of any kind. To that end, Human Resources is pleased to offer anti-harassment training as part of the College’s continuing Professional Development and Training Program. 

Preventing Workplace Harassment, made available on-line through United Educators, is offered in a role-specific format (e.g., Faculty, Faculty who supervise others, Staff and Staff who supervise others) and takes about 45 minutes to complete.  Note: Support Staff in your area will be asked to work with their supervisor to schedule a time during the work day to take the on-line training session that is least disruptive to their department.

At various times, the session will recommend that you refer to the College’s harassment policy. Nazareth College’s harassment policy can be viewed at:

To access Preventing Workplace Harassment:

  • Navigate to the United  Educators website:
  • Select the link to create a new account on the right side of the screen
    • Use Nazareth’s registration code:  0353-SC37-XY12
    • Provide specific information about your role at the institution and then create a username and password
  • Use your username and password each time you log in to United Educator’s (UE) Learning Management System using the link provided above
  • Please select the training option that is specific to your role at Nazareth (Faculty, Faculty who supervise others, Staff and Staff supervisors)
  • If you need to stop before completing your training session, you can log back in and the session will resume where you left off
  • Print completion certificate for your file

All Faculty and Staff are asked to complete this important on-line workshop. 

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