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Making Your Election

Open Enrollment

During each NazFlex annual open enrollment period (generally mid-October), you will have the opportunity to elect a Flexible Spending Account for the following year.  As your election amount can change from year to year, you must designate the amount you wish to elect each year.  The amount you elected from the previous year will not carry over automatically.

If you wish to set aside a portion of your NazFlex benefit allowance and/or deposit a portion of your pay before taxes into a Health Care Account and/or a Dependent Care Account, complete the Flexible Spending Account category of your NazFlex Enrollment Form.  Complete this category by showing the amount you wish to set aside annually in one or both accounts.

If you do not want to participate in the Flexible Spending Account, enter “0” in the Flexible Spending Account category on your Enrollment Form.

Please note your FSA election is binding until the end of the NazFlex plan year.  If, however, you have a qualified "change in family status", you may change your FSA election, and other NazFlex elections, in a manner consistent with the family status change that occurred.

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