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Open Enrollment

You will have an opportunity to elect AFLAC during open enrollment, effective January 1 of the following year. 
Note: subject to Evidence of Insurability requirements.

Most people have medical insurance that provides coverage for the treatment of cancer. However, medical insurance plans do not pay for non-medical or out-of-pocket expenses associated with the diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

AFLAC Cancer Financial Protection Plan is a voluntary plan designed to supplement your existing medical benefits if you are diagnosed with cancer by paying specific cash benefits, regardless what your primary health insurance pays or does not pay. This coverage is available to all full-time faculty and staff members between the ages of 18 – 70 through pre-tax payroll deduction. In addition, the coverage is portable if you retire or change employers.

What Are My AFLAC Options?

Nazareth College offers two levels of AFLAC Cancer Financial Protection:

  • Single coverage for yourself
  • Family coverage for yourself, your spouse and dependent unmarried children under the age of 19 (23 if a student at an accredited institution of learning). Also, your domestic partner and his/her dependent unmarried children under the age of 19 (23 if a student at an accredited institution of learning), who meet eligibility requirements
  • No coverage

AFLAC Approval Requirements

Coverage is available the first of the month following hire date or transfer to a benefit-eligible class after approval from AFLAC. Applicant and/or covered dependents need to be cancer or cancer treatment-free for five years prior to the effective date of the policy. Human Resources coordinates the application process with our AFLAC representative.


Wellness Benefit


AFLAC will pay $75 per calendar year for cancer screening tests, such as a mammogram, chest X-ray, biopsy, PSA test, Pap smear, etc.





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