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Short Term Disability

Short term disability

All staff employees who work twenty five (25) days are insured by New York State Disability Insurance.  This insurance is designed to protect employees against income loss due to non work related illness or accident.  The insurance is mandated by the New York State Disability Benefit Law and is subject to its requirements.

A  DB 450 form is available from the Department of Human Resources and is completed by the employee and employee's personal physician establishing the period of disability.  To be eligible for short-term disability benefits, an employee must be certified by his/her doctor to be unable to work.  After a seven calendar-day waiting period, disability payments will commence after approval by the insurance carrier.  Use of accrued sick leave, vacation time and personal days is required during disability to offset the difference in wages between disability payment and regular weekly base wage.

Short Term Disability Process

What to do if you become disabled

  • If you are going to be disabled by your physician (upcoming surgery, birth of a child, etc.), and anticipate being out more than five working days, contact Human Resources to obtain information concerning the Short Term Disability process.
  • If you suddenly become ill or are injured off the job, notify your supervisor and Human Resources as soon as possible. Human Resources will contact you directly concerning the Short Term Disability process.
  • If you anticipate being out more than five working days, you and your physician will be asked to complete a DB 450 which needs to be returned to Human Resources within 30 days after you become disabled. If you file late, you will not be paid for any period more than two weeks before you filed the claim unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Remember that our disability carrier cannot consider disability claims for any period when the employee is not under the care of a physician. So if you are ill, be sure to see your physician within the first seven days you are out.

How Short Term Disability payments are processed

  • There is a seven-day waiting period before Short Term Disability benefits are paid. However, your sick time will cover the first five working days you are out. The maximum weekly benefit is 50% of your average weekly wage (based on the previous eight weeks of employment), to a state-mandated maximum of $170 per week, which is subject to Social Security and withholding taxes.
  • Your sick time will be used to offset the Short Term Disability payments. If you do not have enough sick time to cover your salary during your disability, you will need to use vacation or personal days to offset the Short Term Disability payments.
  • Remember that while using sick, vacation or personal days to offset Short Term Disability payments, you will continue to receive, if eligible, the College's contribution to TIAA/CREF. Once you have exhausted your sick, vacation and personal days, you will receive Short Term Disability payments directly from the carrier, and will not receive the College's contribution to TIAA/CREF.
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