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Teacher and students in library foyer

Your college experience is what you design.

Create and mold your ideas and experiences in the Honors program and turn them into valuable knowledge. Students will have opportunities to:

  • host and interact with invited distinguished lecturers
  • live in single rooms in a setting shared by other honors students
  • have the option of early registration
  • work collaboratively with fellow students and professors on research and writing
  • defend publicly a Senior Thesis — on a topic of your choice — before an invited audience of faculty and peers

Recent Interdisciplinary Seminars:

  • The History of Scientific Thought
    Dr. Jack Bopp, Chemistry
  • Job's Dilemma and Ours
    Dr. Joseph Kelly, Religious Studies
  • Nonviolence in Eastern and Western Traditions
    Dr. Harry Murray, Sociology
  • Wilderness Writers: American Views of Nature
    Dr. Monica Weis, English
  • The Normal, the Abnormal, the Ideal
    Dr. Heidi Northwood, Philosophy
  • Our Daily Bread
    Dr. Joe Daboll-Lavoie, Economics

Previous Distinguished Lecturers:

  • 2000 Dr. Sandra Steingraber
    Ecologist, Cancer Survivor,Author of "Living Downstream"
  • 1999 Dr. Mark Plotkin
    Ethnobotanist, Author of "Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice"
  • 1998 Dr. Diane Ackerman
    Poet, Essayist and Naturalist, Author of "The Rarest of the Rare"
  • 1998 Anna Quindlen
    Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, Author of "One True Thing"
  • 1997 Dr. Stephen Carter
    Professor of Law, Yale University, Author of "The Culture of Disbelief"

"The Honors Program has offered me choices and challenges far above and beyond Nazareth's normal curriculum. Last year I was involved in a seminar in which seven of us discussed seventeenth-century pop culture; this year I'm studying the works of Thomas Aquinas. The classes I take are with students who share my goals and academic drive, and the Program's professors are always willing to help if we stumble along the way. It has truly been one of the best experiences I've had here at Nazareth."

- Karen Dietlein, Honors Program graduate

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