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Golisano Academic Center, Nazareth College

Commit yourself to the Honors program. During your Freshman and Sophomore years, you will take two courses in Rhetoric and two courses in Logic, laying the foundation for your participation in the two special interdisciplinary seminars to come, and for your honors thesis in your senior year. In these seminars, you will be able to interact and participate in the small group atmosphere, an essential part of a Nazareth education. The scholarly excellence demonstrated as you move through the process leads to special recognition at graduation, on your transcript, and on your diploma.

"The Honors Program has allowed me to pursue fields of interest that I would not have had access to through a regular curriculum. My Senior Thesis is an opportunity to write about something intellectually stimulating that can have roots not just in the Honors Program itself, but in all my other coursework. I find elements of the Honors Program in all of my other classes. What's nice about the Program is that it is interdisciplinary — there's something for everyone."

- Chris Bussman, Honors Program graduate

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