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Nazareth students walking

Challenge yourself in the Nazareth College Honors Program, providing the most capable students with special opportunities appropriate to their abilities and motivation. Like any concentration, Honors is taken in addition to a student's major and structured around a set of particular courses and experiences. But unlike most concentrations, these courses have a particularly interdisciplinary emphasis. They help fulfill the program's goal of encouraging academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, and scholarship, developing in Honors students their fullest potential for critical thinking and effective expression.

"To have spent the last four years as part of the Honors Program community has been a gift. The professors and the students whom I have worked with in the seminar situations have allowed me to take my knowledge and comprehension to a higher level, through stimulating discourse and the genuine interest in learning that I, too, share. The dinners and lectures that I have attended have taken the hypothetical knowledge of the classroom and strengthened it through the real life scenarios presented by our amazing speakers."

- Stephanie Hoffman, Honors Program graduate

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