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Dr. Olena M. Prokopovych
Program Director
GAC - 458
(585) 389-2495

The following Legal Studies internships are available through Nazareth College and can be taken for credit as PSC 483, Law Internship, during regular semesters and, in some cases, during the summer.  A GPA of 3.0 or higher, as well as the approval of the Program Director, is required for these internships.  Students without a 3.0 GPA can take an alternative internship, selected under the guidance of the Legal Studies Program Director.  Students can also earn academic credit for internships at other relevant organizations subject to the approval of the Program Director.

Empire Justice Center

A statewide non-profit law firm that provides services such as litigation support (including legal research, preparation and review of legal documents), local staff training, information clearinghouse functions, preparation of self-help materials for clients, and state level police advocacy. Issues with which the Center deals include poverty law, family law, public assistance, public and subsidized housing, tenants' rights, and women's rights.

 James Nobles Criminal Defense

A summer internship with a private practice attorney focusing on criminal defense provides an opportunity to experience all aspects of the criminal defense profession, including learning about law and criminal procedure, exploring legal strategy, and working on real-life assignments. Specific duties and responsibilities vary based on ongoing cases. Tasks can be customized to the individual strengths and interests of the intern selected. Mr. Nobles is an experienced trial lawyer, a former Monroe County assistant district attorney, and an alumnus of Nazareth College.

 Monroe County District Attorney

Student interns are assigned to work with one of the assistant district attorneys for the course of a semester. They go to court, handle criminal case files, and learn about the rules and procedures involved in the criminal justice system.

 Monroe County Probation Department

Student interns work in the Community Corrections division of the Probation Department assisting with a variety of duties including juvenile and adult intake, investigation, and supervision of offenders.

 Monroe County Public Defender

Student interns are assigned to work with one of the attorneys at the office of the public defender for the course of a semester.

 New York State Attorney General's Office for Consumer Affairs

Student interns are trained in the Attorney General's procedures and study consumer protection laws, take consumer complaint calls and analyze consumer complaint mail, mediate disputes between consumers and merchants, assisting in investigations of consumer fraud, learning to watch for patterns of persistently illegal business conduct.

 Underberg & Kessler LLP

Students learn about the intricacies of both commercial and residential real estate law when interning at this private Rochester law firm. Interns learn how to complete legal documents and perform other support services for the partners; they also accompany the attorneys to court and to closings.

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